Woman who gorged herself on crisps and Greggs burst into tears after mom’s question

A woman who ate Greggs for lunch every day lost more than five stones after being suddenly awakened.

Sarah Greaves, of Netherton, couldn’t look at herself in the mirror when she tipped the scales at just under 18 stones.

But after seeing a photo of herself in her work uniform, Sarah decided to join Slimming World and has now lost a whopping 5st 5lbs.

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Sarah told ECHO: “I had a vacation coming up with my partner’s family and her siblings were all there.

“There was one particular photo where I was in my work uniform on Christmas, it was a photo and just looking at it was awful. I looked huge. When I got it. view, I was like ‘I have to do something.’ “

Sarah said she had never tried dieting before, so when her mom suggested she join Slimming World, she burst into tears.

Sarah said she can now look at herself in the mirror, which she couldn’t do until she lost weight.

Sarah said: “I just burst out crying as if to say ‘thank goodness someone said something to me’.

“She just said ‘I’m thinking of going back to Slimming World, do you want to come with me?’ And I was like ‘oh my god yes please.’

“I would never go alone, I don’t know why. I never felt confident when I was this tall and I always try to be confident now, obviously being a lot smaller in stature.”

Before starting to lose weight, Sarah said that she always skipped breakfast and her diet consists of a lot of ready-made foods.

She said, “To be honest with you, I’ve never been lazy.

“I had never joined a gym then, the only exercise I was doing was probably walking to work and being at work.

“While eating, I would probably say that I would eat four or five packets of crisps a day without realizing it.

“The food I ate was obviously never good. I would probably have Greggs every day while working.

“I never thought about making my own dinner, so now I’m planning my breakfasts I’ll have a healthy snack like fruit in between and then batch cook for the week with dinners and teas. “

Sarah first joined Slimming World in January 2017 and lost four stones.

After taking a break, she has since joined in April and hit her target weight of 13 stones.

Sarah has lost an amazing 5st 5lbs since joining Slimming World
Sarah has lost an amazing 5st 5lbs since joining Slimming World

Sarah said: “The reward I get now is that I never looked in the mirror.

“I have one in the bedroom and the only time I looked at it was when I was fully dressed and doing my hair.

“Now I would get up, start changing and do it, look at myself, so I think that’s the biggest reward for me, the biggest achievement.”

Sarah’s incredible weight loss also recently made her and her partner accepted for IVF treatment after reducing her BMI to around 26.3.

Sarah said: “IVF, we started in the middle of last year because my partner and I couldn’t conceive; we’ve been trying for over five years now.

“I knew weight could be a bit of a part of it. My BMI was around 29 points and I knew I had to be under 30 to even be accepted. [for IVF.]”

Sarah and her partner found out that they were accepted for IVF in December, around the same time Sarah also reached her target weight.

Recalling the moment she found out, Sarah said: “I was alone at the time, my partner was working.

“I felt torn as soon as I opened the letter and obviously read it. I just felt myself go dead with emotion.

“I was like ‘this is it now, we have the help we need.'”

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