‘Woke’ pub gets mixed reactions as it turns plowman’s lunch into plowman’s

A Devon pub has received a mixed response after renaming the classic ploughman’s lunch dish ‘ploughman’, reports LancsLive. The Tors pub in the village of Belstone, Devon, decided to make the politically correct change to align lunch with modern thinking and reflect the many women farming in the area – but the decision quickly went viral on social networks.

The famous dish, comprising bread, onions, cheese and pickles, is a pub menu classic and costs £12.50. The original name dates back to 1837.

The owner described the change as “a little fun” – but the restaurant was soon accused of being a “wake-up call”. Twitter user Charlotte Deakins posted an image of the pub menu showing the new name – and word traveled fast.

The 36-year-old told the Telegraph: “Quite frankly my reaction is that it’s flattering and dangerous, unless the pub owners have done it in an ironic way and I hope they do. The tweet has gained traction and people are really fed up with the nonsense and have to make do because of a small minority who are eternally offended.

But Tors Pub owner Dicky Harrison defended the move as “tongue in cheek” and a “bit of fun”. He said it was a tribute to women farmers in the region because “in reality, women plow too”.

One angry user wrote on Twitter: ‘So pathetic to rename Plowmans lunch to Plowperson? I would suggest this pub is boycotted until they have a life and start acting like adults – that is a PLUGHMAN’S.”

Another said: “Sorry guys I won’t be visiting a ‘woke’ pub for my lunch. Yes there are a lot of women farmers today and I say hi to them but stop changing the past.”

A third commented ‘It’s like saying we can’t call the moon the moon anymore’ while another said ‘Soon Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be banned’.

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