Westchester mobilizes to help Puerto Ricans after hurricane

Westchester County is stepping up to help the people of Puerto Rico once again after the island suffered catastrophic damage from Hurricane Fiona this weekend.

Help was quick and came from all levels of government and local organizations.

It’s a personal business for Sgt. Hector Lopez, president of the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association. He is among those who led the way by mobilizing the local response to Hurricane Fiona and praying for his family still stuck there.

A Puerto Rican scion, Lopez scours local organizations to make sure donations are in the right hands.

“The Westchester County community always responds. Either way, they’re here,” he says.

His organization faced a similar situation in 2017 after hurricanes Irma and Maria nearly destroyed the island.

Westchester executive George Latimer urged county residents to donate money, goods or time if possible.

He reminded the community of the impact a hurricane had on the area just a year ago.

“The goodwill of all of us as residents of Westchester will be brought to help them,” he said.

New York is sending 100 Spanish-speaking troops to support Puerto Rico’s relief efforts, and the New York Power Authority is ready to deploy and restore Puerto Rico’s utilities.

Governor Kathy Hochul has promised to send drones to the Caribbean to assess the damage.

Local organizations hope to start receiving donations as early as this week.

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