Ukrainian seamstress in Bay Village sewing flags to help people in her home country

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — Maryana Korchymska, owner of Nordshoe Alterations Today in Bay Village, alters dresses, jackets and many other garments.

Now the Ukrainian sews something new – Ukrainian flags to show pride in her homeland.

“A client asked me, ‘Can you make me a Ukrainian flag?’ “said Korchymska. “I said, ‘Sure’ and that’s how it started.”

The past few weeks have been heartbreaking for her as her family struggles to survive the war that began when Russian military forces entered the country two weeks ago.

Now she turns her pain into purpose.

“We cried for so many days, because I never thought it was going to happen like this,” Korchymska said.

Korchymska said she takes pride in carefully sewing the blue and yellow fabric that makes up the nation’s colors and makes them for free.

People come and they ask, and I give the flag and they give money,” Korchymska said.

This project has brought peace to Korchymska and her family, even though they are separated on opposite sides of the world.

“I’m so proud,” Korchymska said. “It really helps me, and I talk to my brother, and it helps them to think that we really are united. The world is united and they have help.

Korchymska has already raised over $2,200 from making these flags.

If you would like to make a donation that will go directly to people in Ukraine, you can drop it off at his business at 630 Dover Center Road, Bay Village, OH.

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