Tracks of the Week: New Music and Videos from Slash, Halestorm and More

It feels like yesterday that we put together our final Tracks Of The Week selection, but no, it’s been a full week. And so here we are again, separating the moving chaff from the rolling wheat.

Last week’s winners were The Cold Stares, whose Mojo Hand received more votes than LostAlone The last drop of eternity and Dorothy’s A beautiful lifeplus the five other tracks, the details of which we have already forgotten.

This week’s eight contenders follow. We’ve included a handy voting mechanism at the bottom, which you can use to choose your favorite. Thank you.


Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – April Fool’s Day

An upbeat and groovy culmination of 4, the latest album from this band of brothers, April Fool grinds, struts and soars through your heart from the first lick – a megawatt Slash affair with force and bounce. “It’s one of my favorites,” says Myles. “A really fun track. In terms of lyrics, it’s about being played, and eventually you realize you’ve had enough, and you decide you’re going to have the last word in the end.

Gaupa – RA

If Bjork was leading a group of psychedelic stoners, this could have been the result (and yes, it’s a weird idea, but bear with us…). An eerie but seductive swirl of folk, doom and beefy, fuzzy guitar riffs – dipped in balloons, as the video shows – it’s a well-early sample of the Swedish eccentrics’ new album, Myriadwhich comes out in November and promises to be just a stylishly eclectic and unpredictable like AR.

Cats – 6L GTR

The full throttle and unbridled opening of the new album Getting fucked (I mean…that title alone tells you everything, right?) 6L GTR is a frenetic, greedy Redbull cartoon of a song, covered in pizza boxes, beer and cigarette butts. It’s a little silly and maybe a little brilliant, but you don’t have time to deliberate anyway because it’s so fast. Fans of fellow Australian noisemakers Amyl & The Sniffers – and anyone with an ear for fast and furious punk and power pop – should watch this.

Moon City Masters – Spinning Wheels

Images of summer sunsets, rainbows and umbrellas arise in kaleidoscopic masses when you listen to this “groove-a-thon” from the Technicolor twins of New York. Part Southern boogie rock, part Queen-meets-Boston fun fest, it’s the kind of thing you’d want to play in the car at the start of a long-awaited vacation. It would take a heart harder than ours not to be swept away by the Steinbergs’ passion for the redemptive powers of rock’n’roll.

Fantastic Negrito – They Go Low

Fantastic Negrito’s storytelling voice takes on a new level of mastery on They go low; an “anti-anthem,” condemning the American ruling class in three and a half sweet minutes. Effortless and absolutely urgent at the same time, it is the melodic focal point of this clear and elegant mix of blues, soul, pop and hip-hop. His new album, White Jesus Black Problems – another refreshing progression for this authentic musical maverick – releases June 3.

Deepshade – Life is Beauty

Throbbing grunge beef rubs against wispy psychedelia on this new single from British stoners Deepshade. Alternately far and with hard riffs, it taps into the sounds of All Them Witches, Sabbath and QOTSA without ripping off any of those bands, stirring them into their own stumbled brew. Taken from the new Gloaming EP out May 13th.

Halestorm – Wicked Ways

This is the Lzzy Hale peak. If we’re being completely honest, it’s not Halestorm’s best song, but such is Hale’s dominance over bad ways – it is at full throttle from the first seconds – that you hardly notice. With a voice powerful enough to shatter statues, it’s a miracle she can continue on tour like this without going to the ER most nights. For more of the same, check out the new album Back from the deadwhich is filled with a full-throttle commitment to the all-powerful cause of rock.

Driving Truckers – Every single-story flame

With the kind of half-spoken, half-sung lyrics that Mike Cooley is so good at, Drive-By Truckers added horns to the mix on Each single-story Flameout, bringing a touch of Muscle Shoals soul to their southern rock. “I wrote this song when my son was 16 and going through a rough time for a while,” Cooley says. “Luckily he turned things around and he’s doing great now, but it was a tough time for a while.” Upcoming album Welcome 2 Club XIII comes out next month, and that’s great too.

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