Three arrested in quadruple shootings in east Detroit

DETROIT – Police say they have made arrests in a shooting that injured four people, including teenagers on East side of Detroit.

These were mostly teenagers involved last Monday (May 9); barely three days later, the Detroit Police Department think they arrested some of the people who pulled the trigger and in the process were able to pull a few more guns off the street.

The incident saw four people shot dead, prompting DPD to return to the east side neighborhood on Thursday to execute a search warrant and make arrests.

So far, about 20 people in two groups have had words that lead to gunfire on McCoy Circle, prompting a massive response from the Detroit Police Department and Chief James White.

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“It’s unfortunate,” White said. “It’s horrible. Whatever conflict they had, not only did they put their lives in danger, but they put the inhabitants of this villa in danger.

Among those arrested on Thursday, two were minors and one was an adult. DPD also seized four firearms after recovering two weapons after the shooting.

Lily: Detroit police say 4 people were shot in a fight between 20 people, mostly teenagers

Two teenagers aged 16 and 15 and two adults aged 29 and 18 were injured in the shooting.

Everyone should recover, according to the police.

Officials say they are still looking for other suspects involved in the shooting.

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