The leek woman gives herself a new look

A leek woman took advantage of the holiday season after changing her look.

Sarah Ireland, 46, has been participating in the Slimming World group held at the Beggars Lane Bowling Club, Leek since February 2020, which is run by Lynne Roberts.

Over the course of several months, Sarah lost three pounds, weighing 3 pounds, which gave her a new look.

Sarah said: “I started going to the weight loss club in February 2020. I have always struggled with my weight. I have a broken lower spine and thought losing the weight would help. I was also planning to go abroad for a vacation and thought that losing weight would give me more confidence when I went to the beach.

“However, due to Covid-19, many classes had to be on Zoom for a while and my vacation was canceled, but I continued to attend the sessions.

“My partner and daughter as well as mom and dad think it’s fabulous and can’t believe what I’ve accomplished. They have all supported me over the months.

“My coworkers also think it’s fabulous in how it has changed me. It also helped me in my job because I got a promotion.

“I never liked my photo taken before, now I have the confidence to be in front of the camera.

“Attending group sessions is important because you support each other and make many new friends as well. The support I received from Planning Consultant Lynne Roberts has been brilliant.

“You can still eat most things, it all depends on how you cook them.

“Social life is a big part of my life. I now like to shop for new clothes. It has changed my whole life for the better.

Beggars Lane Club Planning Consultant Lynne Roberts said: “Sarah is a true inspiration to the members of our group and will do what she can to help others. I am so proud of her.

In the photo, Sarah before she started to lose weight and later with her new look.

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