The Day – “Those People” preview Thursday at La Garde

While we’ve had our fair share of film premieres and film festivals in Southeast Connecticut over the years, few events like this will resonate as much as tonight’s inaugural presentation at the Garde Arts Theater of ” Those People “.

The feature-length documentary chronicles the first decade of the New London Talent Show – an event conceived in the wake of anger, grief and racist backlash following the murder of Matthew Chew by six city men. In an effort to provide opportunities for children’s creative outlets and to inspire healing and cross-demographic interactions and partnerships, the show has sold the Guard for 10 years and created countless opportunities and conversations.

The three-year-plus project was directed by Peter Huoppi, director of multimedia operations for The Day, and co-produced by Huoppi with talent show co-founder Curtis Goodwin. The collaboration between The Day and the New London Talent Show marks a field of journalism rarely explored.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film’s creative team and moderated by Tiffani Gavin, the new Executive Director of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.

Premiere of “Those People”, at 7pm tonight, Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London; $ 5 upfront, $ 10 at the door, all proceeds will go to the New London Talent Show;

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