Take-out weigh-in – Maura’s Slimming World members reunite and lose 76.5 stones in six weeks

A weight has been lifted for Slimming Galway, Clarinbridge and Gort as they weigh an incredible 1,029 lbs since returning to their actual Slimming World groups in June.

Consultant Maura is thrilled to be back to help members lose weight and improve their health in person, and the scale results show just how much members love being together again.

“I reopened my groups at the Menlo Park Hotel, Clarinbridge and Gort on June 2, having supported members virtually in weekly online groups since January, when the last lockdown again closed our community groups,” said Maura . “We have put measures in place to fully comply with all government guidelines to ensure that members are safe, happy and comfortable returning to our group. Because we cannot meet together. group due to the current restrictions we have set up a temporary venue and virtual groups which means members can always come in to weigh in and talk about their situation. It was absolutely amazing to get together, it has been proven that there really is no better feeling than the magic of an actual Slimming World band and the amazing results speak for themselves – a combined 76.5 stone lost between them since June.

“The members told me they really missed being together in person. Plus, we know there’s something powerful about stepping on the scales every week and regularly monitoring your progress.

“The past year has been far from an easy one for all of us, with some struggling more than others, but for many of my members, all the challenges and anxieties have made them more determined than ever to achieve their goals. and improve their health. . They’ve proven that anyone who wants to lose weight and feel healthier – which research shows could protect against disease – doesn’t have to give up on their dreams. I can’t wait to see how much we can all lose by the end of 2021. “

Member Regina O’Keeffe, who joined Maura’s group in January, has lost 2 stones totaling 7.5 pounds since then. “Like a lot of people, I found the lockdown difficult and put on a few extra pounds,” she said. “With so much news about weight and the associated health risks, including Covid-19, I wanted to make a healthy new start and take my health into my own hands. I returned to Maura’s group in January and I haven’t looked back since.

“I know it can be nerve-wracking to get into a Slimming World group for the first time, especially right now, but I can assure anyone worried about their weight that there is no judgment at Slimming World, just respect and care – and it’s absolutely safe.

Maura added, “In our Slimming World group, you will discover the freedom to enjoy the foods you love while losing weight. You will also learn how to become more active in a way that suits your lifestyle.

To accommodate more new and old members, Maura is expanding its groups from Tuesday July 27th. She now organizes morning and evening sessions at the Menlo Park Hotel every Tuesday. She also has a morning group at the Gort Community Center every Thursday and an evening group at Labane Hall, Ardrahan, every Thursday. “If you’re worried about your weight and would like to feel healthier and happier, don’t give up,” she said. “Don’t put it off. Our Slimming World group is here and meets every week. We would love to celebrate another major weight loss milestone in the New Year, so if you are considering joining us, come be a part of this success – you will be welcomed by all of us.

For more information or to reserve your place, contact Maura on 087 2768935.

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