Slimmer Reaches 5th Weight Loss Goal Before His 50th Birthday

ACHIEVING a 5 stone weight loss goal before your 50th birthday is the icing on the cake for a super slim.

Trish Ansell weighed 15oz when she joined Slimming World in September 2018.

Her goal was to be in better shape for her 50th birthday than she was for her 40th.

And having hit her target by losing 4th 10 pounds, she certainly is.

Trish, from Holland-on-Sea, who weighs just 11 ounces, said: “I decided to join Slimming World in September 2018 because it seemed like the right time to finally take control.

“I knew that in three years I was going to be 50 and I definitely wanted to be in a better position than I was going to be when I turned 40.

“I knew I was happy with everything around me, my kids, my boyfriend, my family, my friends and my job, they were all brilliant, but something was missing… my self-esteem.

“I always thought I was happy to be overweight and always laugh and joke, but deep down I knew it was holding back the real Trish.”

She joined the Slimming World group in Holland-on-Sea and credits the flexible plan to calorie control, which meant she could still eat lean meat, pasta, and rice, for her transformation.

“I set myself a goal of 11th 1oz and wanted to get there by my 50th,” she said.

“I wanted it to be for life and not temporary weight loss.

“Michelle and the group welcomed me with open arms and supported me throughout.

“Everyone is there for the same reason and every week you have people who are really interested in how your week has been and offering advice.”

Trish had lost 2.5 ounces in March 2020 when the pandemic hit.

Rather than putting her on the back foot, she started walking with a friend and her daughter – up to eight miles a day.

“Losing weight made me do things that I hadn’t done in years,” she added.

“Walking, zumba, yoga and clubbing, all of which I like now.

“Reaching the goal the week before my 50th birthday was the icing on the cake.”

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