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He opened Pawn With Us at 406 E. North St. in 1998, and the store, in a former MiniMart gas station, has since quintupled to 10,000 square feet, including the Cash With Us payday loan window.

Some of the reasons for the store’s success are the same as any business – the attentive, knowledgeable staff and the clean, organized store selling popular items in good working order, he said.

“We are very retail,” he said. “There is hardly a grain of earth in this pawnshop. We are extremely busy. It’s almost like Walmart here.

The store sells everything a person would want, then decides they might not need it: guitars, DVDs, jewelry, televisions, small appliances, star quilts, guns, knives, and tools.

The customer relationship is also a surprisingly important part of the business. Tschetter says he doesn’t harass people about an item’s value or judge them for needing the extra money.

“We try not to make people feel belittled because they come to ask for a loan,” he said. “You have to realize that this is just a loan.”

About 90 percent of people who enter are there to get a loan, using their item as collateral. Only one in 10 is there to sell an item directly.

Pawn With Us charges similar interest charges to other pawn shops in town: 10% if item is picked up within 10 days; 25% if collected within 40 days. People who need more time to repay the loan can extend the agreement by paying the 25% interest charge amount every 30 days indefinitely.

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