Pot Arrests Decrease, but Black Arrest Rate Higher | Colorado News

DENVER (AP) – Marijuana-related arrests have declined since the first recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado seven years ago, but black people are still much more likely to get in legal trouble for related offenses to cannabis, according to a state report released on Monday.

The biennial report, commissioned by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, found that the marijuana arrest rate for blacks (160 per 100,000 people) is more than double that of whites (76 per 100,000) in Colorado, the Denver Post reported.

“This disparity has not changed significantly since legalization,” the report said.

The report also found that people over 65 are consuming marijuana three times faster than in 2014, and people are consuming cannabis through vapers and edibles at higher rates.

Although it found that youth use remains unchanged at around 20%, the report also found that almost three-quarters of those aged 10 to 17 in addiction treatment said marijuana was their main drug, said Henny Lasley, co-founder. A chance to grow. The situation is the result of high potency marijuana accessible in Colorado, she said.

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“There’s this misnomer that all is well because the overall statistic hasn’t changed,” she said.

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