Police name man suspected of shooting three people outside bar in downtown Spokane early Saturday morning

Johnathan R. Love is the man who police say shot and killed three people early Saturday morning outside a bar in downtown Spokane.

Prosecutors charged Love, 29, who appeared in court Monday via video from the Spokane County Jail. Dressed in yellow-green prison clothes, with short black hair and a short brown beard, Love faces three counts of first-degree assault and three counts of drive-by shooting. He is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Nathanael E. Beier, 31, and taxi driver Tonya R. Roberts, 48, were both shot in the head. They remained alive on Monday but on life support. Assistant District Attorney Tom Treppiedi said the charges against Love could change depending on Beier and Roberts’ medical condition.

Police incorrectly reported on Saturday that the two men were fatally shot outside Luckys Bar on the 400 block of West Sprague Avenue in downtown Spokane.

Katelyn T. Corigliano was also shot and injured. She was shot in the leg and suffered an open fracture. A GoFundMe page for his recovery has so far raised $9,500.

Love does not have a long criminal history in Spokane County. In the lower courts, he has a history of multiple traffic violations.

Prosecutors alleged Monday that witnesses reported gunfire from an SUV traveling the wrong way on Sprague at 1:27 a.m. Saturday.

Spokane Police Officer Corrigan Mohondro was less than two blocks from the bar at the time.

He saw an SUV driving erratically and was about to pull it over when he heard about the shooting and drove to Luckys instead. Before approaching the bar, Mohondro wrote down and reported the first three letters of the SUV’s Washington license plate: BVW.

Just 10 minutes later, Washington State Trooper Russell Sanders was driving west on US Highway 2 at Flint Road when a BMW SUV, registration BVW6365, speeded past him. Sanders caught up with the vehicle at the intersection of Highway 2 and Hayford Road in Airway Heights.

Sanders stopped the vehicle and found Love inside, along with a casing on the driver’s side floor pan.

Mohondro met Sanders at the scene and confirmed that the BMW was the same vehicle he had seen driving erratically 10 minutes earlier. Mohondro said he also saw what appeared to be a handgun in the car.

According to court documents, Love said he had a gun in his vehicle, but denied “any knowledge of gunshots coming from the vehicle.”

At 3:20 a.m., Det. Spokane Police Department. Erik Golladay interviewed Love, who was drunk and vomited several times in the interview room.

Love said he was at Luckys a few hours earlier with a friend. He said his friend was asked by the bar workers to leave and Love drove him home to Airway Heights.

Love told Golladay he couldn’t remember what happened between dropping off his friend and getting arrested by Sanders.

During a Saturday interview with police, the friend said Love dropped him off at Airway Heights around 12:30 p.m. Saturday.

Golladay said he viewed surveillance footage from a local business on Saturday afternoon.

This footage shows an individual, who fits Love’s general description, getting into the BMW SUV alone at around 1:24 a.m.

Video shows the SUV driving eastbound on Sprague 70 seconds later as shots are fired.

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