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NBC Connecticut First Alert meteorologists predict a period of extreme heat with humidity for the next few days. This week’s temperatures will likely bring about the first heat wave of this summer.

Given the forecast, people spent time on the Connecticut coastline on Tuesday looking for ways to beat the heat.

Sherry Stevenson brought her family to Ocean Beach Park in New London. She said it was a great way for them to escape the indoor heat and enjoy the light breeze at the beach.

“Sweltering heat with the kids at home wouldn’t be fun,” Stevenson said. ” It’s perfect. We feel bad for those who are not here with us.

Water was a popular place to cool off, but so was ice. RoseGarden Ice Arena held its public skate on Tuesday and drew many people for relief from the heat.

“It feels good to sit on the ice and put the ice on your face to cool off, and then when you go out and it’s so hot my glasses fog up,” said Kathy Ortolani, the one of the arena coaches.

Isabela Haque traveled to Norwich from Waterford to skate.

“It’s a really good way to get out of the heat and have fun indoors with air conditioning and ice,” Haque said.

Not only is avoiding the heat the smarter option, but an emergency department doctor at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital said it’s the safest option.

“At temperatures in the 80s to upper 90s, it’s common to have very rapid dehydration, loss of electrolytes, heat stroke, heat exhaustion,” Dr Sarah Vitello said.

Dr Vitello added that if you must be outdoors, stay hydrated and stay in the shade.

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