Nurse throws six stones and drops three dress sizes in lockdown transformation

Mum-of-three Lianne Nolan is a nurse at Birmingham’s Women’s Hospital. Lianne originally weighed 18 stone 4lbs and was a dress size 22 after giving birth to daughter Darcie in June 2020.

However, she now weighs just 12 stone 4 pounds and is a dress size 12 after losing weight while working as a nurse during lockdown and joining Slimming World.

Lianne says she felt her weight fluctuated due to the nature of her job, as she used to snack when she could while working and her food clock was often disrupted by night shifts. Speaking to Birmingham Live, Lianne said she had been ‘the fat girl’ at school and had struggled with weight all her life.

“I’ve struggled with weight all my life,” she shared. “I was always the fat girl in school. I lost weight over the years on fad diets, but then got it all back.”

Married to husband David, she said she was determined to lose weight when she returned to work as a neonatal specialist nurse at Birmingham Women’s Hospital in October 2020 and joined Slimming World at Kings Heath. Before her weight loss, she ate two or three slices of toast with lots of butter for breakfast with jam. She snacked on crisps and chocolate during the day, then enjoyed a take-out meal in the evening.

For breakfast, she now has fruit with yogurt or porridge. Snacking on crisps and chocolate was now a thing of the past as she ate soup, pasta or a coated potato with salad. At night, she replaced take-out with fake meals and cooked her own Chinese and Indian food.

The weight began to drop instantly, and her colleagues at the children’s pediatric ward where she worked were amazed at her transformation. According to Lianne: “I decided to give Slimming World a try and joined the club at Kings Heath. It was so easy. The points system meant you had nothing to give away – you could always have things you wanted but obviously in moderation but I started eating much healthier snacks like crisps and chocolate for fruit.

“Porridge replaced bread, butter and jam and I was making my own fake meals instead of buying calorie-dense takeaways. They tasted delicious and also saved me a lot of money on food. I suddenly had so much more energy My husband David said he never really noticed my weight before but he is thrilled with my transformation.

“I lost my weight working out during lockdown and my friends and colleagues in the neonatal unit couldn’t believe my transformation. I feel so good. Going to my weekly Slimming World classes is now just a fad life for me now. I love this.”

Jeni O’Brien, Team Leader at Slimming World Birmingham South and Central, said: “Lianne is simply amazing. While many people were gaining weight in lockdown, she transformed her body by losing incredible weight of six stones. She won Miss Slinky 2020 and was nominated for Woman of the Year 2021 which was awesome. We are just thrilled that she was able to achieve her goals thanks to Slimming World.

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