New Walney Slimming World Group for Successful Consultant

A slimming TOP who started her own Slimming World group to guide others on their weight loss journey is preparing to start another one.

Tracey Needham has lost an impressive eight stone following the Slimming World lifestyle plan, and after the recent success of launching her own band at the Roose Cons Club, the consultant is excited to make a difference in the lives of members living on Walney with his new group preview at St Mary’s Parish Hall.

Tracey credits the success of Slimming World’s Diet Optimization Plan to years of trying different types of fad diets.

Tracey lost 8.5 pounds in her very first week as a member of Slimming World. Less than two years later, Tracey is eight stone lighter, maintaining her target weight and inspiring others to do the same.

“As a long-time member of Slimming World, I know how important a motivational and supportive group session can be,” Tracey said.

“Every dieter faces tough days and challenges in life, but when we come together as a group to share experiences and develop strategies, the difference in results is evident.

“The commitment of the current members of my group has been inspiring and is one of the reasons I have chosen to lead a second group at St Mary’s Parish Hall in Walney.”

Since the start of the Slimming World group at the Roose Cons club in late December, Tracey’s members have lost a staggering total of 784.5 pounds (56 stone).

Tracey said: “To take the next step and start a second band in the area is so exciting for me.

“I never imagined myself as a business owner, but the confidence I’ve gained through Slimming World is something I’d love to give back to the community, and hiring a second group is a fantastic opportunity for that. .

“Slimming World as an organization couldn’t be more supportive of new Consultants and the training and ongoing support is excellent. I learned so many new skills and can’t wait to help more people achieve their weight loss goals.

You can join the new Slimming World group on Tuesdays at 4pm or 5.30pm by calling Tracey Needham on: 07493155494.

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