Narborough slimmers get off to a good start

A new Slimming World group in Narborough has seen two participants get off to a good start with their weight loss programme.

Kay Gotsell and Andrea Arnold joined Jo Johnson Andow’s group when it opened in January earlier this year.

To date, they have lost 4lbs and 4lbs between them, after using Norfolk County Council’s self-referral scheme which offered 12 weeks of free sessions as they met the criteria.

Kay Gotsell and Andrea Arnold (55693725)

Kay said: “I started Slimming World with my sister and I really think having someone to share the journey with you helps you stay on the plan.

“I have big anxiety and panic attacks, I was really scared in case I had one in the group and others would judge me, but honestly I feel so safe in the group because everyone is so adorable.

“I have lost 2 kg so far and I like the food I can eat.

Andrea Arnold (55693722)
Andrea Arnold (55693722)

“Staying in a group is really the key to optimizing food because you take inspiration from others, recipes and morale when you need it,

Andrea said: “This is my fourth time joining Slimming World, but something is different this time around. I feel purposeful and have my head in the right space. I really enjoy the image therapy group, she helps everyone with a lot of inspiration.

Kay Gotsell (55693719)
Kay Gotsell (55693719)

“I find there are so many options I can choose to eat and I feel full, which is great because it doesn’t feel like dieting.

Jo Johnson Andow, Slimming World Consultant, said: “These women and their journeys are everything I love about Slimming World and as a consultant. I love seeing the faces of the members as they lose weight.

“I love hearing about their off-scale victories, like dropping clothing sizes, reversing their type 2 diabetes, or cutting back on their medications for other illnesses. I love hearing their plans and inspiration each other every week.

“I love that when a member struggles everyone wants to help and that moment of enlightenment he gets when he makes a plan for the week and sees the result the following week.

“I love seeing members like Kay and Andrea gain confidence and believe in themselves again.”

These two women have improved their health in the 12 weeks since their arrival and have not looked back. We’re doing everything we can to support those who want to shed those extra pounds and get slim for the summer.

Jo’s groups meet Thursday mornings at 9.30am at the Narborough Community Center and Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm at Fincham Village Hall

The Norfolk County Council Self-Referral Scheme is currently helping anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 30 to join Slimming World for 12 weeks free.

To see if you are eligible, go here

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