Music Marketplace Breakr raises $ 4.2 million funding round, highlighting the power of collaborations between musicians and creators

The black-owned music marketing platform’s latest round of funding will support the growth of its market for creators, labels, brands, and more.

ATLANTA, July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Breakr, a rapidly growing music marketing platform, announced today that it has $ 4.2 million in seed funding to meet the growing demand for creator monetization tools and digital music promotion solutions. The round was led by Slow Ventures.

“Independent artists have more opportunities than ever to break through, but these opportunities have required busy work that should have already been resolved,” said Tony brown.

This increase follows the explosive growth of the startup. Founded at the end of 2020, the Breakr platform has mobilized more than 50,000 creators in 133 countries with a global reach of more than one billion subscribers. More importantly, Breakr has already generated 150m views for emerging artists and putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in the pockets of creators at a time when it is needed more than ever.

“Independent artists have more opportunities than ever to break through, but these opportunities have required busy work that should have already been resolved,” said Tony brown, co-founder and CEO of Breakr. “Problem 1? Spending all day messaging trying to get your song heard. TikTok influencers pushed songs to the top of the charts, and with the move to DJ sets Twitch and Instagram Live during the pandemic. , we knew the world needed a solution. “

With this funding, Breakr will staff its product, engineering and business development teams to prepare for its growing demand. “Creators are increasingly at the forefront of brand and content discovery for consumers. Creating tools to help creators manage and monetize is one of the most exciting opportunities in media today. Breakr is in an excellent position to create tools and services that not only add value to the lives of creators, but also to anyone looking for distribution. We jumped at the chance to lead the round and are very excited about the role Breakr can play in the music industry and beyond, ”said Will quist, Slow businesses.

“When we designed Breakr, we focused on one of the biggest issues for artists, influencers, and anyone trying to promote a song first: awareness and performance for social placements,” he said. said Ameer Brown, co-founder and CTO / inventor of Breakr. .

“The discovery was halted, the payments were at best insecure and at worst a scam, and there was no transparency in the communication or validation of the current promotion. This process needed to be streamlined, we are So stepped in to make it happen. And by delving into the problem, we identified so many additional opportunities to unlock value for the creative industries, creatively removing friction. “

Breakr’s alpha product enables artists and influencers to facilitate paid and unpaid collaborations with powerful research and discovery, transparent payments, and escrow-based verification. The result gives both parties more control, confidence and free time to do what they do best.

Breakr was part of the alpha cohort of Andreessen Horowitz’s Talent x Opportunity initiative led by partner a16z Born Jones. The Initiative is an accelerator program that provides funding, mentorship, resources and community to under-represented founders. Breakr was one of seven companies accepted out of over 1,200 applicants.

Breakr founders Ameer Brown, Dan Ware and Rotimi Omosheyin met as students from Florida A&M University, where they promoted sold-out parties and saw firsthand the power of one-on-one communication and word-of-mouth marketing.

“I knew straight away that this would be the future. To have cultural icons like Erykah Badu and Dave Chapel rocking with my music and amplifying myself on their platforms was a big deal for me. Now with Breakr we can make that happen for artists and influencers at all levels, ”said Tobe Nwigwe, independent artist and co-founder of Breakr.

The cycle has been supported by a wide range of investors and operators in the creative industries and beyond, including: that of Marc Benioff TIME Ventures, Nas, RGA Ventures / Coalition, Baron davis, Quiet Capital, Precursor Ventures, WNDRCO, Plexo Capital, Debut Capital, Unknown Ventures, Ozone Partners, CNC Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners (Scout Fund), Kevin mayer, Rich Riley, Tommy duncan, Rich Antoniello, Nathalie Langer, Dan Teran, Justin waldron, Scott Depetris, Alex lopez, Sterling offer, Mack hollin, Matt goetz, and the re-engagements of several of the firm’s loyal angel and pre-seed investors.

Additional quotes:
“Breakr is a necessary tool to effectively connect artists, influencers and brands. I know from personal experience that this manual process takes too long not only to find a range of diverse influencers, but also to activate them. created what I call a mall of influential marketers, where all you have to do is buy the talent that matches the taste of your campaign’s needs,” mentionned Marc Byers, former Managing Director of Motown Records and Strategic Advisor at AMP Technologies.

“The songs are no longer playing on AM / FM radio – they are playing on social media. Breakr makes it incredibly easy what any influencer wants to do: find songs they love from artists they love, make music. good entertainment and blow each other away in the process. ” Josh richards, social media influencer and Breakr advisor.

“We’re so proud to have been on this journey with Team Breakr. They had a vision when we started this road with them last year, and we just feel lucky to be able to be a small part of their success. ” – Griffin johnson, social media influencer and Breakr advisor.

“This new round is the result of three things: hard work, vision and hard work. The Breakr team is just getting started and I’m glad the market quickly validates the thesis: the relationships that have fundamentally been the steering wheel of music to date are broken. Breakr will be the first major fix and they (we) are just getting started! “- Marshall sandman, GP, Animal Capital, Breakr advisor.

About Breakr
Breakr is a fast growing music marketing platform changing the world of content creation, business, and music. The company firmly believes that music creates the energy that drives consumer behavior, and Breakr exists to facilitate the intersection of commerce, content marketing, and music.

The company’s flagship product is a two-sided marketplace that connects influencers and content creators with musicians and businesses to create creative paid organic content with the push of a button. Gen Z and Millennials continue to drive trends, and Breakr firmly believes that creators are the primary drivers of commerce, where social feeds have replaced billboards. As the new creator economy emerges, influencers and artists need tools like Breakr to drive, manage and monetize their digital businesses.


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