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The music is always better with friends, if you don’t have any friends around, there are always friends

I would consider myself a lover of all music (except country, but I don’t consider that to be real music), and I consider myself a cannabis lover. I never thought I’d sit down and write an article about being stoned and listening to music.

I went to POPO and had my favorite drink. I sat up comfortably in my bed after participating in one of my relaxing “hobbies” and shuffled my “favorite songs” on Spotify.

I could try to tell you all my favorite songs, but I can’t; there are too many categories to consider, so I will share my favorites from each category.

Funniest song:

The song that made me laugh the most is “Rattlin’ Bog” by Irish Descendants. I know all the words by heart and I normally sing them on a long road trip to cheer myself up. I tried to sing the first few verses and succeeded, but once I got into the song, I couldn’t help but laugh at the lyrics.

I mean, why would there be so much stuff in that swamp in the valley? Anyway, this song was a 10 out of 10 for me.

emotional song:

Listening to “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar made me cry a little. This song took me through a lot of breakups, but for some reason tonight brought the song a whole new light.

For those of you who have listened to Caesar, you all know that his voice carries a deep emotion that you cannot ignore.

Even if some words don’t match, they still make me question so many things: “you are my four leaf clover, I’m so in love, so in love”, make me realize that my cat is my four leaf clover, and I will never forget the love between a mother and her son (cat).

This song is 100% the perfect emotional song to listen to (in my opinion), and I, 10 out of 10, recommend you listen to it.

Best Vibey Song (Upbeat):

I love Lord. Lorde. Lorde. Lorde. Name this reference! Anyway, I was thinking about my favorite TV show (“New Girl”) and humming some of the songs they were using. One of them is “Green Light” by Lorde.

I grabbed my phone and scrolled until I found the song in my list and queued it because I was curious. After ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” was over, that song came up and I think I got up to dance and sing in the first 30 seconds.

My heart was so happy to hear this song; it’s as if the universe were whispering to me: “you are the sun”.

Yeah, either way, this song is worth listening to sober or under the influence. I would say 15 out of 10.

Best Album:

Now this album is my favorite when I’m sober. I didn’t expect to like it now, because it’s a dark, almost theatrical album, but it just painted an intense story in my head. I just sat up in bed listening to this album and started doodling in my notebook.

At the end of the album, I wanted to listen to it again. Shit, I forgot to mention the album: “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. Listen to the album; it’s my go-to for every situation.

Best Song of All Time:

I can’t write a music review without mentioning the best song ever written (I know Cole Quinn, our photo editor, would disagree with me, but he’s actually wrong). The song is, drum roll please, “The Trial” by Pink Floyd.

This song makes me think of little puppeteers wearing fancy clothes from the 1800s. It’s probably not what Pink Floyd wanted me to think, but it’s what my brain said was true.

Please, whatever you take away from this article is that this is the best song of all time. There is no number on a scale that could describe this song.

It was quite an experience for me, let me tell you. I really enjoyed my time; thanks for the experience, universe.

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