Liverpool man loses four stone by buying reduced ‘yellow sticker’ food

Dean started gaining weight when his husband fell ill.

<p>Dean Simpson-Humphreys before his weight loss.  Image: SWNS</p>
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Dean Simpson-Humphreys before his weight loss. Image: SWNS

A man who started gaining weight while caring for his dying wife, saved money and lost four stone by eating cut-price food.

Dean Simpson-Humphreys, 46, became a full-time carer for her husband, Gary, when he was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour.

Juggling a full-time job and hospital visits led Dean to turn to fast food.

Having take-out meals for breakfast and dinner – with a lunch from the hospital canteen, he became 18th.

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Dean Simpson-Humphreys before his weight loss. Image: SWNS/Slimming World

Joining Slimming World in 2018, he dropped over 4th and now weighs 13th at 12lbs.

Dean lost weight by buying food from the “yellow sticker” sections of his local supermarket.

These sections often contain expiring fruits and vegetables, and he used them to make healthier meals.

He also discovered food waste initiatives such as Liverpool Zero Waste and Too Good to Go, which allow people to buy food that would otherwise be thrown away, at a reduced price.

Gary sadly passed away in June, but Dean continues to be healthy for himself.

Dean, a former NHS recruitment manager, is currently training to become a Slimming World consultant and often cooks cheap meals for his two elderly neighbours.

Dean, from Liverpool, told SWNS: “We had to continue on benefits and money was much tighter than it had ever been.

“I couldn’t just go to the store, buy anything and forget about the price.

“At first I was ashamed to put the yellow sticker food in my basket, but then I realized someone was going to buy it and it was better that it all went to waste.

“I would take a piece of pork for £5 from the yellow tag section, freeze it, then every Sunday I would do a roast for eight of us with meat, roast potatoes and loads of vegetables and it would cost less than £10 in total.”

Dean and husband Gary Simpson-Humphreys, who was a nurse, joined Slimming World in 2010 to lose weight before their 2011 wedding.

Dean lost 4th place and successfully maintained his target weight until Gary fell ill in February 2016.

He always enjoyed being creative in the kitchen and soon found he relished the challenge of whipping up healthy meals.

Dean Simpson-Humphreys after his weight loss. Image: SWNS/Slimming World

He started sharing his recipes and ideas on his Instagram channel, where he now has over 2,500 followers.

He said: “I’ve always loved my food and always had this thing about dissecting dishes and seeing how they’re made and how I could make them myself.”

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