Lexie Hayden and Jason Nix Share New Music Video for ‘Breaking Up’

Sometimes the only way forward is to take a new and unpredictable path. Emerging country music talents Lexie Hayden and Jason Nix find themselves at an unexpected crossroads in their latest track, “Breaking Up.”

The creative collaborators have individually caused a stir on the country music scene in recent years, co-writing two country radio hits: Nix on Lainey Wilson’s hit “Things a Man Oughta Know” and Hayden on Priscilla Block’s latest single, “My Bar.” Besides their proven talents as songwriters, the duo are both skilled solo performers who infuse emotion and power into everything they do. That quality shines through in every line of “Breaking Up,” Hayden and Nix’s new duet about leaving the familiar comforts of your hometown.

“I think I finally see / Who I’ve become isn’t who I want to be” says Hayden. “I’ve been together too long / Still don’t know where I belong / But I don’t think it’s here anymore.”

Although the song could easily be interpreted as a simple breakup song, the pair expertly vocalize the mixture of excitement, fear and longing that bubbles up when you say goodbye to your longtime home. Hayden drew on his own experience, adding plenty of personal touches to the heartfelt music video for the track, which premieres exclusively at The Boot today.

“This video tells the story of two people leaving their hometown for the first time and feeling bittersweet about it,” Hayden told The Boot. “I left my hometown of Herndon, Virginia when I was 21 and waited seven years to write a song that reflects how I felt leaving the place I had known all my life. I put a lot of sentimental things in the video: pictures of my family, a note from my mom, frames from my grandma, etc. I wanted to give Jason and I different stories, but we’ll end up together one way or another. Our other co-writer, Stone, has a cameo at the end of the video which was funny and super special.”

Watch the official music video for “Breaking Up” below:

“Breaking Up” is Hayden’s latest release, following a string of well-received singles in 2021 that included “Another Friend” and “Pretty Damn Close.” You may have also spotted her as one of eight contestants on MTV’s 2022 reality show “Becoming a Popstar,” featuring celebrity judges Joe Jonas, Becky G and Sean Bankhead.

Earlier this week, Nix earned a CMA Award nomination for Song of the Year as co-writer of Wilson’s “Things a Man Oughta Know.” He recently released his own solo single “Mary Wanna,” which introduces listeners to a free-spirited character who will appear in many of Nix’s upcoming releases.

You can find out more about Lexie Hayden by visiting her official website and following her on Instagram, TwitterFacebook or TikTok.

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