Kim McDonald and Kai Lenny collaborate for PYCC

The Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center is auctioning off an original work of surfboard art that is a collaboration between world champion waterman Kai Lenny, Maui artist Kim McDonald and the PYCC.

The custom surfboard – North Shore: “Heart & Soul” – features artwork from McDonald’s, autographs and Kai’s footprints, and was designed to showcase any interior. The live online auction began on December 7 and ends December 18 at 12 p.m. HST. Offers can be made at and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center.

“What an incredible experience it has been to collaborate on artwork with one of my all-time favorite superstar athletes, Kai Lenny,” said McDonald. “I’ve known Kai since he was little and watched him grow up to be a world champion. He’s really an inspiration.

McDonald said she was inspired to develop a unique concept with her surfboard art, bringing elements of her footprints and autograph, as well as her design aesthetic, to life on a beautiful board. Surfboard Gun aqua blue. “The color blue represents the ocean, green and white represent the movement of sea waves,” she said. “The Malolo or ‘Flying Fish’ is something that connects Kai to the Hawaiian waters of Maui. He often sees them “flying” out of the water during his oceanic adventures. “

McDonald’s has always dreamed of giving back, getting involved and making an impact with its art. “It’s my something,” she said. “It was also a wonderful and enriching experience to share with the PYCC facilitators. What a sincere and meaningful organization. So far it has been a transcendent experience. The ingredients of Kai Lenny, PYCC and my art combine to create something magical; much greater than the sum of the parts. Please enjoy and participate in this adventure. Buy great art and fundraise for PYCC’s mission to build community through our youth.

Photo courtesy of PYCC



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