Joining a weight loss group was a life-changing decision for an Abington woman who lost more than five stones


It was while on vacation with her mother that Janice decided that was enough.

Janice said, “I avoided the camera and my self-esteem was at its lowest.

“Deciding to join a local Slimming World group with my friend was the life-changing moment.”

She started her own group.

She was worried that she would have to give up all of her favorite foods.

“I also thought I would be hungry all the time,” Janice added.

“What I found was that I actually could eat more than I even ate, I was never hungry and the food I discovered was delicious. new healthy habits and even changed my relationship with food. “

She said the group has become an important part of her weight loss journey.

Janice’s hard work pays off.

“Being with like-minded people who ‘get it’ has been amazing,” Janice said.

“The support, ideas and inspiration have all been invaluable.”

The super slim lost more than five stones and found new life, adding, “I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. I love to walk around and even run now! Shopping is fun, I have so many choices because now I can choose clothes that I like, rather than just what suits me. “

Not content with just changing her own life, Janice is now ready to inspire and motivate others, as she prepares to start her own group in Duston.

“I am so excited to be able to help others achieve their weight loss dreams.”

New and old members are invited to join Janice at the Duston Community Center on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

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