It takes two – Galway couple lose six stones eating more food than ever before during lockdown

A couple in Galway City changed their lives, dropping six stones between them and eating more heavily than ever.

Daniel and Michaela joined their local group Slimming World in January 2021 while they were on lockdown. They believe that supporting each other in their weight loss journey has been the key to their success.

Daniel, who lost 3.5 stones, said: “We loved to cook at home, but once we figured out the secrets to optimizing food and we got our hands on the Slimming World recipes via the unbelievable application, the weight started to drop every week. The app has a food planner, we use it to plan our meals and treats for tea time. We love when a recipe says it’s for four, knowing we’ll have leftovers for lunch. Before we started, we were concerned that eating healthy might limit us, but we can say that optimizing food fits our lives perfectly rather than the other way around. “

Michaela, who is now 2.5 stones less since joining Slimming World, said: “We really enjoyed the heatwave this year with summer clothes that are easily worn and often too big, and swimming in the sea has become so nice and so pleasant. I love to swim. and now I feel that I have the confidence to take my body magic to the next level and return to the pool to swim regularly.

“We joined the group when our group went virtual on lockdown, and now we can’t wait to come back to our group to see the rest of the members and our consultant. I don’t think we could have achieved our weight loss. without the support of our consultant Claire Flaherty. “

Claire Flaherty, who runs the Castlegar GAA Club, said Daniel and Michaela are living proof that slimming is more successful when they lose weight together. “The past year has been incredibly difficult for many of us, but Daniel and Michaela’s determination to achieve their goals has never wavered,” she added. “They are an inspiration. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

The Castlegar Slimming World group is held every Monday with morning and evening sessions. To join or find out more, call Claire Flaherty on 087 9231629.

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