Hundreds of people gather to pray for the recovery of Chief Brian Ronald


Over a hundred people gathered on Wednesday to support beloved chef Brian Roland. After being stuck under a car service elevator, the new dad is still in the hospital.

The community gathered for a vigil outside Lee Memorial to make sure Brian’s wife and baby know they are supported.

People have come from all over Southwest Florida to show their support. They had tears in their eyes and shared supportive hugs.

One thing was said by all who came to show their support; pray for Brian and his family.

Teresa Lazzaro, a friend of Brian’s, said: “Brian has a huge heart. It’s a ray of sunshine.

“Just talking about him makes me smile,” said Brian’s friend Dayton Brown.

David Wistocki, who works with Brian, agrees. “Brian is always someone with a smile on his face. Every time we see it. He just walks. He has a smile, that’s it. He’s just one of those people who has that energy.

His relatives say Brian would do anything for the people in his life and in his community.

The well-known chef recently had a baby, and his family is on the minds of many in this community.

One of her colleagues, Stephanie Meyser, said: “People love Brian. People love Nicole. And as an event community, we are united. And that’s what we can do to support them right now. “

During the vigil, loved ones filled several whiteboards with messages of love and encouragement for Brian and his family.

“Asking God to wrap his hands around the Roland family and that we love Brian and just pray that he will make it out,” Lazzaro said.

Brown hopes the community’s support will help Brian recover. “We hope that fills him with so much hope, that he can feel that energy, you know, and that it goes up and up to his family, to his room and just makes him be strong and know that he is loved. “

A woman speaking on behalf of the family said she did not have an update on Brian’s condition but said community support meant everything.

She said Brian’s wife Nicole sees all the messages, feels the prayers and can’t thank the community enough.

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