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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) –Glendale Police arrested three people for allegedly stealing two dogs worth $ 10,000 each on Wednesday.

Body camera video released by Glendale Police shows two of the suspects arrested by officers and the dogs reunited with their owners. On the body camera video, the dog’s owner tells officers, “You literally made our Christmas.

The dogs were returned just in time as the family was moving.

“They were getting ready to leave the state. So they were thrilled to have their fur babies returned to them safe and sound,” said Jose Santiago, media relations manager at Glendale Public Safety.

The dogs, named Paris and Lala, were stolen earlier this month near 67th Avenue and Bell Road. Glendale Police said one of the suspects, April Wilder, returned to the victim’s home with one of the dogs asking for a reward.

“The male victim noticed that the car April Wilder was in matched the description of the car that neighbors said picked up the dogs in the first place,” Santiago said.

These neighbors played a crucial role in the return of the dog.

From left to right: April Wilder, Charles Austin and Barry Grier. Police said the suspects had all been arrested on multiple counts, including criminal theft.

“It’s a great lesson for us as a community to keep an eye on each other,” Santiago said. “Because these neighbors saw something, they said something; they alerted the owners to what they saw and saw, and that helped bring the situation to an end. “

Police were able to locate the other dog along with the other two suspects, Charles Austin and Barry Grier, in a nearby park near 23rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

The dog reunion was not only a happy time for the dog owners, but also for the officers.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that our officers also have feelings and emotions. So they want to be able to have those happy endings. They want to be able to bring your loved ones home, no matter how crawling or how they are. on two legs, and for them, they were just thrilled that it had an ending that worked for everyone. ” Santiago said.

Police have this advice for dog owners to keep their pets safe. “As a dog owner you always want to keep an eye on your pets and make sure they’re safe and don’t leave them unattended. In this particular situation, we’ve had a happy ending,” Santiago said. .

The suspects were all arrested on several counts, including criminal theft.

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