Foster parents lose more than five stones in six months between them

Adoptive parents Laura and Kevin Byrne have lost more than five stone in six months between them – and feel better for family life.

When they couldn’t have children, Knockbridge couple Co Louth planned to adopt.

But Kevin, 38, failed a medical evaluation because of his high BMI, the body mass index that measures healthy weight.

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They then gave a loving foster home to two little brothers.

But blocking BMI has been a wake-up call for a healthier lifestyle.

Nurse Laura, 31, told the Irish Mirror: “It has been a crazy two years. We tried IVF but in the end it didn’t work.

“Then we tried to go the adoption route and went through all the pre-adoption training.

“The only reason they didn’t let us go further was because of my husband’s BMI.

“So we went to foster care.

“Now we have two little brothers, aged three and four, and it’s been great.”

Adoptive parents Laura and Kevin Byrne have lost more than five stone in six months between them – and feel better for family life. Here they are after their weight loss

After a health check revealed problems for Laura, the couple joined weight loss club Slimming World.

“I joined because I was told my blood pressure and cholesterol were skyrocketing.

“The doctor put me on meds for it, just to be sure – and I’m still on the pills.

“But I joined in September and lost two stones.”

Since joining the diet club, Laura’s cholesterol level has been reduced from 7.5 to 4 now.

She explains, “To lower cholesterol, I had to eliminate fatty foods and stick to foods that were a good source of protein.

“I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I drink a lot of water.

“I’ve had so much more energy since I lost weight.

“I felt lazy and tired, munching on fatty foods.”

Laura Byrne after her weight loss

She believes that preparation is the key to successful weight loss.

“It’s about going back to basics, cooking from scratch and cooking in batches.

“Everything you need to do to stay on track.”

Little Laura has gone from 10 pounds to just under 8 stone and her dress size is 8.

Two months after Laura joined Slimming World, her husband also arrived – losing three and a half stone.

Laura said: “It makes so much difference, we both do it together.

“Kevin also enjoys cooking now because the recipes are really easy to follow.”

They are happy and healthy with their little family now.

“We think foster care is the best route for us, and it looks – hopefully – our little boys could be with us for quite a while.”

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