Final march on the wrekin to celebrate super slim

LATEST COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR JAMIE RICKETTS 05/03/2019 – New ‘Welcome to Telford’ signs have been posted across the borough. This one is located near the Wrekin Retail Park in Wellington, Telford.

She’s lost seven stone since joining Slimming World in Oakengates, has walked the Wrekin every day in April in a bid to get fit and will have raised £1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Ruth and a group of friends will complete a final ascent on Saturday at 2 p.m. and group members will join her at the top to celebrate.

She weighed 18 stone seven pounds when she joined the group and was inspired to lose weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle by an experience at a family wedding and a new job.

Ruth said: “I looked at pictures from a family wedding and was ashamed to be honest. Then I got a new job which involved speaking in public and working with the media, so i thought i should do something for my body image, not for me.

“The group has been an inspiration to me and Lauren, the leader of the group. They have been nothing but encouragement and support to the point that many of them will come to see me ride the Wrekin for the last time on Saturday. .

“Rising the Wrekin was inspired by the fact that I felt fitter and healthier due to weight loss and the cause was something close to me.”

Lauren Bryan, who leads the Oakengates class, said they encourage exercise and diet to go along with the weight loss programs they run because practicing all three together usually means the weekly schedule becomes easier and more enjoyable.

She said: “Ruth has been wonderfully successful in losing all that weight in a year. She’s been an exceptional member of the group and it’s wonderful that she can be inspired to lose weight and generally feel in better shape. and healthier to carry on and try to help others.”

For more information on Oakengates Group call 0845 475 4938

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