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Viewing notes live as they are played can be a very powerful learning tool, but it is typically used for learning to play a specific instrument. This approach to the subject is actually a good way to learn more about music theory – how pitches work together to build the sounds we hear. The chosen visual tack organizes each of the 12 notes in a spiral. As you continue to climb the ladder through more octaves, heights that share the same name line up in a line like a ray projecting from the sun. There are therefore 12 spokes for the notes of the scale: do, do # / re ♭, re, re # / mi ♭, fa, etc.

[mechatronicsguy] built it a few years ago, but we’ve only just documented it, and we’re glad it did. The layout of the notes at first glance looks like a colorful visualization. But as he mentions in his description, this assigns a shape to each different type of cord. A major chord will have the same shape whether it is played with C, G #, B ♭ or any other note as the root. The shape simply rotates around the axis according to this root note. Higher octaves will be displayed further on the spoke, but the shape of the chord will still be the same. Minor, augmented, even modal chords and those with additional heights all have their own unique shape on the screen.

You get the best understanding of the visualization by looking at the version rendered by Python in the video below. It’s a nice touch that the notes turn gray and fade after being released so you can kind of see where the current chord is coming from. This is not strictly an advantage of pre-registrations. While you can provide it with MIDI files, you can also play a MIDI instrument and view the visuals live on the hardware version which uses a Teensy with an audio shield.

If you’re looking for examples of how music visualizers are used to teach the instrument, look no further than this replica of the Wurlitzer Note Visualizer. Also for those who don’t know, the song played in the material demo (second video below) is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony. Definitely worth listening to, it will change your life.

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Afghan girls take exams for Turkish-run schools in Kabul | World news Fri, 26 Nov 2021 15:08:00 +0000

KABUL (Reuters) – Hundreds of Afghan girls took entrance exams for a Turkish foundation in Kabul that runs some of Afghanistan’s top schools on Friday, despite the Taliban’s delay in allowing 13-year-olds to return in class.

Some 3,500 students took the highly competitive exams of the Afghan-Turkish school system, with girls making up nearly 40 percent of applicants, said Reza Parsa, a school official.

The move came despite the Taliban government’s delay in allowing girls above grade 7 – aged around 13 – to return to school following a ban imposed when the movement took power. in August.

“We want all girls to go to school. This is the wish of our president and our government and that of the Afghans,” said education adviser at the Turkish embassy in Kabul, Changez Idmir, at the meeting. ” a press conference on the occasion of the entrance tests.

In the face of growing global pressure, the Taliban said they will allow older girls to return to school once arrangements are made to ensure they can do so according to what the movement sees as norms. appropriate Islamic.

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Afghan-Turkish schools are considered among the best schools in Afghanistan and admission is very competitive.

Unofficially, many parts of the country have seen older girls return to school, while officially the Taliban say they are still working on a national system.

A Taliban-led Education Ministry official Ehsan Khateb also attended the ceremony and thanked the Turkish government.

Afghan-Turkish schools have had to change their curriculum, shutting down music, drama and dance departments at the behest of Taliban officials, Turkish Education Foundation director Salleh Saghar told Reuters.

The foundation has respected the rules and culture of the host country, he said.

“Like the music, theater and dance department… based on the Taliban’s demands, we closed the departments,” he said, and it was up to the Taliban government to decide whether they would reopen.

(Reporting by Gibran Peshimam; Editing by Giles Elgood)

Copyright 2021 Thomson Reuters.

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Man so overweight he couldn’t walk to mailbox loses 15 stones without training Fri, 26 Nov 2021 10:55:35 +0000

At his heaviest and semi-retired, Network Rail crossing keeper Steve Pexton tipped the scales at 28 stones and recorded a BMI of over 50, “severely obese” according to the NHS

Steve traded in his XXXXXL pants for a well-fitting size M just three years after joining Slimming World