Easton Musician to Share Musical Talent in 9/11 Themed Broadway Show

A musician from Easton packs his instrument and heads to Manhattan to take part in the 9/11 themed show “Come From Away”.

Being part of a Broadway show has always been a dream of musician Carl Carter.

“I have toured a lot with different artists for years. I wanted to get into the world of Broadway, ”Carter says.

Admiring the productions for years has made Carter enjoy the shows.

“They’re all special in their own way, but ‘Come From Away’ is a whole different beast, if you will,” the musician says.

Carter says the show tells the story of flights and passengers stranded on an island in Canada on September 11.

“It’s a true story… that’s the beautiful thing,” said the Easton native.

Carter relates to the production as he was once stranded in a foreign country.

“I was stuck for days and they took care of me, similar story with Gander,” says the bassist.

Unfortunately, production has been halted due to the pandemic.

“We got the call, ‘Come and get your instruments because we don’t know when we’ll be back,’” says Carter.

Train trips, eight shows a week – it all suddenly stopped.

Carter says she misses the audience and the applause, saying in part, “Just love… that’s what I’m really looking forward to coming back to share this.”

But the bassist tells News 12 he’s ended up at his Easton home with some free time.

“Two, three music albums have come out… now I’m about to release it next spring,” Carter says.

With the curtains rising again on September 21, Carter knows the future is fragile.

“We’re just, I guess, going to face it every time we face it, whatever it is,” the musician says. “We need this show right now, the world needs the show right now.”

Carter will be heading to the Lincoln Memorial on September 10 to perform a concert version of “Come From Away” for the September 11 anniversary.

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