Digital music is an easy and affordable local gift! Shop local on Bandcamp Friday.

Ithaca and Tompkins County are blessed with a wealth of musical talent, and many artists in the area are also prolific performers. If you have a favorite local band, why not share some of their work with one of your gift recipients, whether it’s for the Autumn Equinox or a birthday?

We’ve found that buying digital music from Bandcamp is a great approach anytime, but this Friday, it’s particularly attractive because September 2 is one of the days the company has chosen to forfeit its share of every sale. That means musicians are earning more from music sales on Bandcamp this Friday than they do most of the time. It applies Midnight to Midnight Pacific Time. (That means these sales start at 3 a.m. on Friday and continue until 3 a.m. on Saturday morning Ithaca time.) Bandcamp Friday also takes place on the first Friday of October, November, and December of This year.

Buying a local album on CD is best done at a local music event, but it’s been a little more difficult than usual for the past couple of years, so we’re taking another look at Bandcamp and their digital offerings. Bandcamp lets you preview music before you buy it, lets you easily buy it for yourself or send it as a gift, lets you download music you own, and lets you stream music you you own, at any time, through their application.

tl;dr: Buy this music anytime, but if you buy it this Friday, the artists get a bigger share. Note that some of the music is either completely free or set up to allow you to set your own price. For those, do not hesitate to pay the price that suits you! If you can afford $1, that’s fine. $5? Even better. $15-20? Great! $100? You’re gonna make someone’s day.

In no particular order, here are links to many musicians from the Ithaca area and Tompkins County and their songs or albums on Bandcamp.

There are more local musicians whose work isn’t on Bandcamp, and in some cases you can buy or download it online, and in other cases just check it out. Here are some of those opportunities.

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