Destin ‘Morning Trips’ group attracts nation’s attention for music

DESTIN, Florida (WKRG) – “Morning Trips” is a local group from Florida that has recently made a name for itself.

While the past year hasn’t been the easiest for the newly formed band, they are making music that has touched people across the country.

Lead singer Brady Lynch as well as base player Logan Clinkingbeard, lead guitarist James Amos and lead drummer Noah Townsend are all from Florida.

Everyone brings something new to the table through their viral music.

Clinkingbeard tells WKRG, “Brady is the leader. I try to go in and fill all the places. Amos is rock and then Noah is… well, for lack of a better term, he saved the band.

The group says they were just starting to make a name for themselves when the pandemic hit. They were in the process of booking more tours and filming new clips which all stopped due to COVID.

They tell me that they were about to progress to a point where they could actually see themselves becoming full time musicians.

Being a newer band, although they really depended on their live performances, but with that out of the picture… they say it forced them to get more creative.

Say they actually think the pandemic has helped them grow as a group.

“For us, figuring out how to link our R&B influence tracks to our punk influence tracks was very important,” said Lynch. “I don’t think we could have done that (before Covid-19).”

Morning Trips’ new song “Assault” has now hit over 100,000 streams on Spotify …

For them, it was never about fame, but about making great music.

“We would prefer 100,000 people to send us messages telling us that this song has changed their lives,” says Lynch. “For us, we won’t be happy until I give my job two weeks’ notice and apologize for making music full time.”

They have just released their new single and to find out more about their music, click here.

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