Democrats Can Cut Paid Family Leave From Budget Bill

“It’s better than nothing, but… if you have a four-week paid family leave policy, we’re not going to see dramatic positive impacts from such a policy. It’s just too small to have huge impacts, ”said Rossin-Slater. “If his prosecution is evaluated based on whether we see big positive impacts as a result of this temporary policy, my concern is that we are probably not going to see as many. And then we go back to square one, because then people might be like, “Well, we tried it, it didn’t really work. “

Experts agree that having a paid program in place, even for a temporary period, and even if not as long as initially hoped, is better than no paid time off at all. “For the millions and the majority of Americans right now who don’t have a single guaranteed paid day off, four weeks is certainly still meaningful,” Huckelbridge said.

Building the infrastructure for a national paid vacation program can also be an important first step in ensuring its sustainability. “While a permanent program is the preferred approach, having a program established, implemented, managed, providing benefits to workers is a critical first step. I am convinced that paid time off is so popular and in demand in this country that there will be every reason to renew a program and ensure its continuity in the future, ”said Matthews.

The main priority for advocates now is to ensure that paid leave is included in some form.

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