DCH Health System CEO Describes Problems Facing Young People With COVID-19

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama (WBRC) – It wasn’t the coronavirus that hit your grandparents the most last year.

DCH’s healthcare system is now seeing younger people between the ages of 25 and 49 become infected with the coronavirus. “This age group has generated the highest number of positive COVID test results,” DCH Health System CEO Paul Betz said in a coronavirus update with the Chamber of Commerce of western Alabama.

DCH had 147 hospitalized patients positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday morning. 39 of them were in intensive care and 26 of these patients were on ventilators.

The death rate is the highest among those 65 and over since the start of the pandemic, but Betz and others are troubled by what they are seeing now with the increase. “If you look at the blue bar in the 65 and over age group, deaths are decreasing in that age group. But deaths among 50 to 64 year olds are on the rise. So the point is that younger and younger people are dying from this recent wave of pandemic, ”he continued.

Betz says more people seem willing to get the DCH vaccine. About two months ago, only a hundred people were getting vaccinated when the drive-through clinic was open on Fridays. As of Friday, around 600 people were vaccinated. At the last checks, 300 more are scheduled for this next Friday.

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