Crows attack people in Hermosa Beach – NBC Los Angeles

Residents of Hermosa Beach are reporting an unusual problem at a popular park they are being attacked by crows.

The birds make their home in the trees of Noble Park and are very territorial, preying on people and their dogs.

“They just come out of the trees and dive-bomb you and try to knock you out of the park,” said Dan Cohen, who was recently attacked by crows.

Although the birds did not seriously harm anyone, a nearby hotel hired a professional falconer to scare away the crows with a trained falcon twice a week.

Bob Shanman, a wild bird expert, says crows are smart.

“Crows are getting facial recognition,” Shanman said. “They know how to make tools to get food. They are omnivorous, they eat anything.”

He also said crows give birth in May and June, making them more protective at this time of year.

A flock of crows is called a crow kill. Ancient superstitions associated birds with death and darkness.

But experts say crows are mostly harmless.

Experts advise people to keep their small dogs close and on a leash.

They also recommend wearing a hat in Noble Park and avoiding the park early in the morning when the crows are feeding.

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