Christkindl Market arrives in downtown Bartlesville

OKM Music is excited to bring its own Christkindl Market to Northeast Oklahoma. Kick off the holiday season with an authentic experience of the Bavarian Christkindl Market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 6 nestled at Father Lynch Hall / St. John School Gymnasium at 8th Street and Keeler Avenue in downtown Bartlesville.

OKM Music is proud to showcase the talent of Bartlesville’s youth to this market through young food vendors, student music shows, youth production teams, and youth volunteerism at Christkindl Market.

All proceeds support the musical education of young people and young artists. While shopping, customers will have an assortment of treats they can choose to snack on.

Drop by Super Centro for Christmas tamales, Gordita’s by Margarita Ramirez, or delicious German sausage and goulash by Price’s Meat Market.

The Sugar Plum Café will have a variety of European specialties to try: German Stollen, Gluhwein, Apple Strudel, Pretzels and more. For the sweet tooth, Symphony of Sweets, also known as Sinfonia de Deluces, will offer an assortment of Mexican pastries and breads or try macrons and truffles.

Gordita’s by Margarita Ramirez is sure to be a hit. For those who want a small bite, get Elote (Mexican Street Corn), popcorn, or festive dessert cups from Maiz Reno.

Enjoy live music from young musicians who will perform continuously throughout the day while everyone is shopping. The amazing students of Everett Studio will start the morning, followed by the Bartlesville High School Jazz Choir performing a myriad of upbeat and entertaining songs, followed by the fantastic Faith Foote.

A dynamic duo is to come with Logan Vaclaw on vocals and Max Williams on guitar. Then it’s Jecelle Dobson, Alicia Keys from Bartlesville, known for her superb viola voice and passion for music.

“Music is such a big part of my life. I love to sing in places like this because I can share my talent with people who appreciate it, ”said Dobson.

In the afternoon, the students of Stage Art Dance will end the day with a great performance. While everyone is enjoying local talent, try your luck by entering the Christmas Extravaganza raffle for the chance to do all your Christmas shopping in one stop: Cuisinart Air Fryer, Apple AirPods Pros, new Echo Show, Bindle Bottle and Keurig K Café Espresso Machine.

Test your skills by trying out the cash grab. Play Candyland’s life-size game for sweet treats. Win gift cards, cash or prizes by participating in the Peppermint Cake Walk. Let yourself be enchanted by The Nutcracker Live Music Box.

For details, tickets and supplier opportunities, visit or call 918-336-9900.

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