Chester Slimming World consultant shares her weight loss story

A CHESTER weight loss consultant lost more than five stones and didn’t count a single calorie along the way.

Craig Jackson, who runs a Slimming World group at Saltney Tavern for people living in the Saltney, Lache and Handbridge areas, shared his story in hopes of helping others.

The 32-year-old started his weight loss journey in 2013 and has managed to maintain his significant weight loss for the past eight years.

He has followed Slimming World’s “Food Optimization” plan and would like to point out that he has never had to count a single calorie.

Craig said: “Before I found Slimming World I had literally tried every ‘diet’ in the sun and felt like I had to watch everything I ate and had to weigh, measure and count all my food.

“Finding Slimming World made me feel free. I could eat whatever foods I want to eat – potatoes, pasta, rice, and not have to count a single calorie because they’re all free foods.”

A recent survey of the general population who had tried calorie counting found that 72% believed it took away the freedom to enjoy food.

In a parallel survey of Slimming World members, 75% of respondents said they found food optimization liberating and 81% said they learned how to cut calories without having to count them.

Craig said, “The science of optimizing foods showcases Slimming World’s expertise in nutrition and behavior change.

“Counting calories on its own can help people lose weight early and in the short term, but it can be difficult and time-consuming in the long term, and it doesn’t address the most important aspects of behavior change and behavior. psychology that surrounds it.

“Slimming World’s Flexible Diet is based on the nutritional science of satiety and energy density.”

Craig Jackson, who runs a Slimming World band at Saltney Tavern.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, Head of Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at Slimming World, added: “The approach behind optimizing food has always been based on science, not just the physiological science of weight loss, but also psychology – our thinking and emotional responses to food, our weight, and the weight loss process.

“To lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than we use. This creates an energy deficit and the body then begins to use its energy reserves, which are stored as body fat.

“At Slimming World, we want to help people lose weight and maintain that weight loss for the long term – and that means providing a plan that is easy to follow even with the family, enjoyable and sustainable in the long term.

“Faddy diets may work in the short term by drastically reducing calorie intake, but a diet that is impractical – for example, one that requires endless monitoring or counting, leaves us hungry or deprived of our favorite foods,” or means we can’t eat the same way our friends and family do – it’s going to be very hard to follow.

“And as soon as we get back to our old way of eating, we’ll stop losing weight and probably get back to the weight we lost.”

Craig leads his groups every Monday at the Saltney Tavern in High Street, Saltney, CH4 8SQ.

  • To reserve a space or for more information, call 07824098747.

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