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  • Ketamine infusions with psychological therapy could represent “hope” for alcohol abuse, scientists say.
  • Ketamine and therapy reduce the risk of relapse by 2.7 times at six months, according to the study authors.
  • It won’t work for everyone, and others may need “refills,” the scientists warned.

An infusion of the widely used anesthetic ketamine could represent “new hope” in treating millions of people with alcohol problems, scientists studying the drug have said.

According to the results of a study published Tuesday in the American Journal of Psychiatry, people with severe drinking problems who received ketamine infusions in addition to psychological therapy quit drinking longer than those who had. received standard treatment for alcoholism.

The risk of relapse in the group who received ketamine-plus-therapy at six months was 2.7 times less than in those who received placebo plus alcohol-stopping education, researchers said. the University of Exeter and Awakn Life Sciences, an American biotech, in a press release.

Celia Morgan, Ketamine Trial Manager for Alcohol Relapse Reduction (KARE), said of the results: “We have not had any new treatments for alcoholism in the past 50 years. We have found that low, controlled doses of ketamine combined with therapy can offer alcoholics new hope and save lives. “

Ketamine is widely used to relieve pain and put people to sleep during surgery. The World Health Organization has called it an “essential medicine” since 1985.

Ketamine can cause hallucinations, dissociation, and changes in perception, which is why it has the potential to treat mental health issues characterized by rigid behavior, such as drug addiction.

Morgan, professor of psychopharmacology at the University of Exeter, told Insider the approach was “a radical departure from normal drug treatment services, especially using drug as a catalyst for psychological therapy.” .

Morgan, also head of ketamine-assisted therapy for addiction at Awakn Life Sciences, said participants received three infusions over three weeks with a final therapy or education session in week four.

“It is really promising that effects were seen six months after a fairly short treatment duration,” she said.

“We are hoping here in the UK that it will be something that will be more widely available within three to five years,” she said, adding that the team was preparing for its release as a treatment in countries like the United States as well.

Morgan warned that the treatment would not work for everyone and that others may need “recharge” sessions. “Although the effects last for a long time in some, it is unlikely to be a ‘once and for all’ treatment for everyone,” she said. “We will need to explore more in the future how booster sessions can be given.”

Experts have warned that a larger study will need to be undertaken to better understand the potential benefits of using ketamine to treat alcoholism.

Allan Young, director of the Affective Disorders Center at King’s College London, who was not involved in the study, told Insider there was a “great need” for new treatments for substance use disorders alcohol – an area in which we had under-invested.

The results provide evidence that this approach could be beneficial, which “deserves further study,” he said. “You have to have very large numbers in a study to show that a drug is safe,” and we have to know if its effects last beyond six months, he added.

“At this time, there is no justification for taking ketamine as a treatment for your alcohol. But it is possible that it will lead to some form of medical treatment in the future,” he said.

Morgan told Insider the team plan to start one final try this year.

]]> The app helps bring people back from the cold Sun, 09 Jan 2022 20:38:26 +0000

Jerry Clayton of TPR recently spoke with Pastor Alex Fleming, who came up with the idea for an app that helps volunteers coordinate resources to help bring people back from the cold

Jerry Clayton: Winter can be a challenge for anyone, but for the homeless population of San Antonio, the cold can be a matter of life and death. One of the groups helping to keep people warm is a coalition of churches that have developed an app that helps organizations coordinate their efforts. Pastor Alex Fleming of Life Restored Church came up with the idea to develop the app. He is joining us today. Thanks to be here.

Alex Fleming: Whenever. Thank you for.

Clayton: Pastor Fleming, from your perspective, what does the homeless situation look like in San Antonio?

Flemish: Dude, you know, last time we checked there were around 3,000 here, but it looks like more and more states across the country are giving their homeless people bus tickets to come here. We are therefore witnessing an influx. And so with each new influx, you need more help, more creativity, more ingenuity, more resources to deal with the problem.

Clayton: I know your church has an outreach program. Tell me how it works and the other churches involved.

Flemish: For example, we have seen an average of five homeless people per year leaving the streets and entering their own apartment or place of residence. And the way it happens is, I guess, the conventional way of doing things. We are literally changing identities, which is the attack on the false narrative that people have on themselves. What we call that is the humanization phase where we just remind people, you know, that they’re made in the image of God. And that’s not what God has for you to live that way. There is more out there for you, just reaching your maximum capacity. So we do this in several ways. One of the best ways is going to be osmosis, just hanging out with people. We’ve heard that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. So we’re giving people that opportunity, aren’t we? And you know, we see great things happening there with our showers, with our winter shelters for the night, with our feedings, and all of those times they’re surrounded by people talking about life. Speaking of hope, hope, something so underused yet so powerful that every person has the capacity to do.

The Winter Shelter Coalition app

Clayton: Tell me about the app. Where did the idea come from and how did it materialize?

Flemish: So we started to create winter shelters about six years ago in our church. Almost no one was doing it at the time. And the Lord is the Lord. I am the pastor. And so, you know, the Lord told me to welcome the homeless. That’s what a church is supposed to do. We did it the first night. It was crazy, but it went well. And then after that, the next two years, we started training. Other churches and even more churches joined us in opening their doors, and we showed them the processes and procedures. And all of that prepared for last year, which was the “snowless” we had in Texas. So all the churches and ministries that we were forming before were ready to be locked and loaded, ready to go. And so in the middle of that, we were calling each other texting each other, you know, can I drop people off here? Do you have beds available? We need food. All that. And again, I thank the Lord for giving me the idea that, you know, let’s put this in an application training. You know, we’re all of that in one thing. And so, the app pretty much lets first responders know these are the locations that accommodate homeless people and lets them know what places are available in real time. It also gives them the option of reserving a seat, so they don’t lose a trip. And then in the back, all of our Winter Shelter Coalition’s winter shelters, we are able to communicate with each other via a specially designed winter shelter group chat about what resources we need. .

Clayton: And where can you find the app and what is it called?

Flemish: This is called the Winter Shelter Coalition. It’s downloadable for Apple, for Google, so go to your App Store and you can download it there.

Clayton: Pastor Fleming, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today.

Flemish: Thank you very much sir. Appreciate it.

AirTags are used to track people without their permission Sat, 08 Jan 2022 03:23:58 +0000

(NewsNation Now) – Devices meant to track the movement of phones and wallets are now being used to track unsuspecting people and their vehicles, officials say.

Apple AirTags are smaller than other tracking devices and offer a wider range. While the technology can be convenient, it also raises concerns about security and privacy.

Ellie Tindall from Tennessee got a weird notification on her phone and thinks someone put an AirTag in her car.

“When I went out to look for the tag, there were two men in hoodies waiting next to my car,” Tindall said. “And the second they saw me open the door with three men, they turned around and ran into the street”

Tindall said she discovered her friend’s car had been broken into, but when she called the police they couldn’t find a tracking device.

“But the cops said they would put it on your car to follow you home, then it’s hooked up to your car, so when you get out of your car, they’ll also break into your house,” Tindall said. .

New York, Toronto and Florida have received similar reports.

While there are other devices that can track a person, the AirTag is unique in its discrete size, according to Maurice Dawson, assistant professor of information technology and management and director of cybersecurity and education. forensic at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

“With the Apple AirTag, it’s smaller to hide,” he said. “It works a little differently.

Equally small devices like Tile trackers use Bluetooth to locate objects within a radius of about 400 feet.

“If someone puts a tile in your bag and you go, that’s okay because when you’re out of that (range) they can’t find you,” Dawson said.

AirTags, however, send your tracker’s location to iCloud, where it can be viewed on a map. The whole process is anonymous and encrypted, according to Apple’s website.

Technology is a double-edged sword. It could be used by pet owners, parents watching over their teenager’s car, or for the simple type of wallet and car key finder it is advertised for. But the risk of being followed without knowing it is real, Denham Springs Police Officer Amber Fairborn said.

“You have, unfortunately, human trafficking,” Fairborn said. “You could see it in a domestic situation, or you could be at the store and someone could see something that you bought and wanted.”

In Louisiana, Jennifer Perkins received a notification on her phone when she returned home from a night shift. She realized that the owner of the device could see her current location.

“It was showing everywhere I went that night and there was like a red dot where they were checking your location,” Perkins said.

When advancements in technology are made, opportunists are often close at hand, according to criminologist Alex Pequero, recalling a case in New York City involving a quarter-size tracker inside a car bumper.

“I can’t tell you the last time I looked inside my bumper, if ever, and I don’t think I’m going to do it everyday,” Pequero said.

Apple addressed the issue in a statement, saying AirTag is designed to deter unwanted tracking.

“If someone else’s AirTag ends up in your stuff, your iPhone will notice they’re traveling with you and send you an alert. After a while, if you still haven’t found it, the AirTag will start playing a sound to let you know it’s there, ”the company said.

Android users, however, will not automatically receive a notification when a tracking device is detected, according to a statement from the West Seneca Police Department in New York City.

“The only solution for Android is to download the Apple ‘Tracker Detect’ app through the Google Play Store,” the police department wrote on Facebook. “This will allow you to actively search for all Apple AirTags near your device, but it won’t passively run in the background or automatically alert you like an iPhone would.”

Non-Apple alternatives such as the AirGuard app are also available, according to the police department. Tools that detect and alert their user to any signaling device are also a good alternative for Android users, Dawson said.

Beyond verifying your phone, there are ways to guard against a stranger following your location.

“The result is what it was last week and last year,” Pequero said. “Pay attention to your surroundings around your car, who is around, take a look at your WiFi, start changing your passwords, get extra protection.”

Fully vaccinated people always receive the omicron variant. here’s why Thu, 06 Jan 2022 02:00:00 +0000

The omicron variant of the new coronavirus has changed the way the fully vaccinated world population responds to the coronavirus.

Since its discovery, research suggests that the omicron variant may escape COVID-19 vaccines and re-infect people with natural immunity to COVID-19, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

  • In addition, the omicron variant is known to infect people who have been doubly vaccinated. Booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine have helped those vaccinated fight off the virus.

So why does the omicron variant cause fully vaccinated people to get sick and have symptoms? Dr Jeffrey Jahre, an infectious disease expert at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Pennsylvania, told WNEP-TV that the vaccine does not offer perfect protection.

  • “What was the main purpose of the COVID vaccine, it’s the same way we look at a flu vaccine, and that’s to keep ourselves away from the more serious consequences of the disease. What we are talking about here is hospitalization and obviously very severe hospitalization and intensive care unit and also tragically, death. In this situation, the COVID vaccine has done its job very well, ”he said.

Jahre said the unvaccinated should not reject the omicron variant because it provides mild symptoms of COVID-19. Everyone should try to get vaccinated against this.

  • “Don’t ignore this, don’t put it aside and think it’s really nothing,” he told WNEP-TV. “It can be and especially in vulnerable people. There is something you can do about it, and something you can do about it, get the vaccine and strongly consider a booster shot ”,
Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately? Tue, 04 Jan 2022 05:39:39 +0000

Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately

Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately?

There are a few factors at play, starting with the emergence of the highly contagious variant of omicron. Omicron is more likely to infect people, even if it doesn’t make them very sick, and its surge has coincided with the holiday season in many places.

People might mistakenly think that COVID-19 vaccines will block infection completely, but the injections are primarily designed to prevent serious illness, says Louis Mansky, a virus researcher at the University of Minnesota.

And vaccines are still doing their job on that front, especially for people who have received boosters.

Two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine still provide strong protection against serious illnesses caused by omicron. While these initial doses are not very effective in blocking omicron infection, boosters – especially with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – increase antibody levels to help fend off infection.

Omicron appears to replicate much more efficiently than previous variants. And if those infected have a high viral load, they are more likely to pass it on to others, especially those who are not vaccinated. Vaccinated people who contract the virus are more likely to have mild symptoms, if any, because the injections trigger multiple defenses in your immune system, making it much harder for omicron to get past them all.

The tips for staying safe have not changed. Doctors say to wear masks indoors, to avoid crowds, and to get vaccinated and boosted. Although the injections will not always prevent you from catching the virus, they will greatly increase the likelihood that you will stay alive and out of the hospital.


The AP answers your questions about the coronavirus in this series. Send them to: Read more here:

Do Home COVID-19 Tests Detect the Omicron Variant?

How can I protect myself from the new omicron variant?

Can Your Pet Get COVID-19?

Annual event feeds hundreds of needy people in Bakersfield on New Years Day Sun, 02 Jan 2022 06:01:36 +0000

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – An annual tradition has been launched again this year. This tradition, nurturing those in need in Bakersfield.

It’s called “Feeding the Need”. The Bakersfield Mission received food that could feed more than 500 people. All received hot meals to enjoy on New Years Day.

People lined up that curled around the building, waiting for a chance to have a hot holiday turkey meal. The food was donated by the Naina and Ravi Patel Foundation and the Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center (CBCC).

“Every year on New Years Day, CBCC comes together and cooks this meal for our guests here in the Mission,” said LaVonne Jarrow, Food Services Coordinator at the Mission. “Like I said, they do this every year, which gives our kitchen a little break now and we can look around, enjoy and participate in the festivities ourselves.”

But it wasn’t just food that was given. It was a benevolent act to start the year of law for these hundreds of people. After they finished eating, they were given tote bags filled with a jacket, hat, socks and toiletries.

“Oh yeah, I think people are really thankful for this event because it’s like New Years Day,” Jarrow said. “Someone literally cares about coming here to be with and to serve our homeless population in Kern County.”

The event lasted until the afternoon, but food would always be appreciated throughout dinner.

Glendale Police Arrest 3 Charged With Stealing Two Dogs Worth $ 10,000 Each | Featured Articles Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:33:00 +0000

GLENDALE, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) –Glendale Police arrested three people for allegedly stealing two dogs worth $ 10,000 each on Wednesday.

Body camera video released by Glendale Police shows two of the suspects arrested by officers and the dogs reunited with their owners. On the body camera video, the dog’s owner tells officers, “You literally made our Christmas.

The dogs were returned just in time as the family was moving.

“They were getting ready to leave the state. So they were thrilled to have their fur babies returned to them safe and sound,” said Jose Santiago, media relations manager at Glendale Public Safety.

The dogs, named Paris and Lala, were stolen earlier this month near 67th Avenue and Bell Road. Glendale Police said one of the suspects, April Wilder, returned to the victim’s home with one of the dogs asking for a reward.

“The male victim noticed that the car April Wilder was in matched the description of the car that neighbors said picked up the dogs in the first place,” Santiago said.

These neighbors played a crucial role in the return of the dog.

From left to right: April Wilder, Charles Austin and Barry Grier. Police said the suspects had all been arrested on multiple counts, including criminal theft.

“It’s a great lesson for us as a community to keep an eye on each other,” Santiago said. “Because these neighbors saw something, they said something; they alerted the owners to what they saw and saw, and that helped bring the situation to an end. “

Police were able to locate the other dog along with the other two suspects, Charles Austin and Barry Grier, in a nearby park near 23rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

The dog reunion was not only a happy time for the dog owners, but also for the officers.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that our officers also have feelings and emotions. So they want to be able to have those happy endings. They want to be able to bring your loved ones home, no matter how crawling or how they are. on two legs, and for them, they were just thrilled that it had an ending that worked for everyone. ” Santiago said.

Police have this advice for dog owners to keep their pets safe. “As a dog owner you always want to keep an eye on your pets and make sure they’re safe and don’t leave them unattended. In this particular situation, we’ve had a happy ending,” Santiago said. .

The suspects were all arrested on several counts, including criminal theft.

Nurse goes above and beyond to rescue hospital patient’s dog from shelter

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Katie Pavlich: American people are fed up with far-left policies rammed down their throats Tue, 28 Dec 2021 01:47:54 +0000

Fox News Primetime host Katie Pavlich spoke about how the left’s “executive overreach” impacts Biden’s “crumbling” approval ratings.


KATIE PAVLICH: Democrats say they defend democracy until it gets in the way, then they want to destroy it. Just look at progressive MP Pramila Jayapal, who couldn’t take Joe Manchin’s no for an answer on Build Back Better. Instead, she is now calling on Joe Biden to bypass Senate procedure and pass parts of the bill executive. But it is obvious that the American people are not a fan of the exaggeration of the rulers.

Perhaps this is the reason Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting. As recent polls have shown, more than half of the country disapproves of his leadership. And it’s not just the White House that’s feeling the heat. As a red wave could hit Congress midway through 2022, data shows more Americans prefer generic Republican candidates over Democrats. These polls show what we already know: that the American people are fed up with big governments. That they have had enough of the far left policies that are rammed down their throats. But make no mistake, the war on democracy is real. It’s just that the attacks are coming from the left.

]]> Live Updates: Japan Approves Merck’s Use of COVID-19 Pill | Economic news Fri, 24 Dec 2021 13:18:45 +0000

TOKYO – Japan has approved the COVID-19 pill developed by U.S. pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. for use starting next week, Japan’s health minister said on Friday.

Health Minister Shigeyuki Goto told reporters that a ministry drug panel has cleared Merck’s molnupiravir through a fast-track process and the drug will be shipped to hospitals and pharmacies starting next week. .

It is one of two drugs to treat COVID-19 that Japan has obtained. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the country was purchasing 1.6 million doses from Merck.

Japan has also organized a shipment of 2 million doses of a COVID-19 pill made by Pfizer that has yet to receive approval for use in the country.

Political cartoons about world leaders

Political cartoons

Until recently, Japan largely prevented coronavirus infections involving the new omicron variant by enforcing strict border controls. The first known cases of local transmission were reported in Osaka on Wednesday.

Further cases were reported in Osaka and Kyoto on Friday, while Tokyo reported its first case of community-acquired omicron.


– Hospitals and police departments struggle to stay staffed as omicron infects workforce

– Fear of infection gives way to food insecurity as pandemic hits African economies

– Coronavirus dampens Christmas joy in biblical Bethlehem

Go to for updates throughout the day.


BETHLEHEM, West Bank – The biblical city of Bethlehem is celebrating its second consecutive Christmas Eve in the shadow of the coronavirus.

Small crowds and gray, gloomy weather put the brakes on Friday celebrations at Jesus’ traditional birthplace. A ban on almost all air traffic entering through Israel – the main entry point for foreign visitors heading to the occupied West Bank – has kept international tourists out for the second year in a row.

Instead, local authorities rely on the small Christian community in the Holy Land to boost morale. It’s a theme seen around the world as revelers, weary of nearly two years of lockdowns and security restrictions, search for ways to celebrate safely.

Before the pandemic, Bethlehem hosted thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world, bringing a heavy dose of holiday spirit to the city and a huge shock to the local economy.

PARIS – Protesters angry at virus and vaccine rules have occupied the Regional Legislative Assembly of Guadeloupe due to the deadlock in negotiations over their grievances over the management of the French Caribbean island.

Guadeloupe and Parisian officials denounced Thursday’s incursion as unacceptable and a threat to the democratically elected Regional Council.

Authorities posted images online showing an overturned Christmas tree and a banner reading “No to compulsory vaccination, no to the health pass.”

Vaccinations are compulsory for all French health personnel and a “health pass” is required to enter many places. The measures met the strongest opposition in Guadeloupe and Martinique, reflecting long-standing frustrations over inequalities between the islands and mainland France.

SYDNEY – The Australian state of New South Wales is reporting more than 5,000 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours for the second day in a row as state and federal governments put measures in place to curb the spread of the virus.

The federal health minister also said experts had recommended that the gap between second vaccine doses and boosters be reduced from five to four months from Jan.4 and to three from Jan.31.

State Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet had resisted the requirement to wear a mask indoors until Thursday’s record number of cases prompted him to reconsider.

Testing centers have been inundated with people looking for testing before heading for family Christmas reunions. People are now advised to seek tests only if they are symptomatic or are close contacts of existing cases.

QUITO, Ecuador – Ecuador is making vaccination against the coronavirus mandatory.

The government said Thursday that only Ecuadorians whose illness could be complicated by vaccination will be exempted. These people must provide documents.

Officials say the order comes from an increase in coronavirus infections and the circulation of newer variants such as omicron.

Ecuador claims to have enough vaccines to immunize the entire population. As of Tuesday, about 77% of Ecuador’s 17.3 million people had been vaccinated. About 33,600 people in Ecuador have died from COVID-19.

Earlier this week, the body overseeing health policies to fight the pandemic decreed that vaccination certificates must be presented to enter restaurants, cinemas and other public spaces.

SANTIAGO, Chile – Chile plans to offer a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine to its citizens.

President Sebastián Piñera said on Thursday that the fourth dose is expected to start in February.

Health Secretary Enrique París said the shot will be different from what people have received before.

Chile said nearly 86% of its population was fully immunized. This makes it the country with the highest level of coronavirus vaccination in Latin America, and places it among the best in the world, according to the online research site Our World in Data.

Piñera says 10.2 million of Chile’s 19 million people have received a third booster dose.

Almost 39,000 people in Chile are confirmed to have died from COVID-19.

LONDON – The British Public Health Agency says preliminary data suggests that people with the omicron variant of the coronavirus are between 50% and 70% less likely to need hospitalization than those with the delta strain.

The UK Health Security Agency’s findings add to emerging evidence that omicron produces milder disease than other variants, but also spreads faster and escapes vaccines better.

The agency said Thursday that, based on cases in the UK, a person with omicron is estimated to be between 31% and 45% less likely to visit a hospital emergency department compared to delta, “and 50 to 70% less likely to be admitted to hospital.”

He warned that the analysis is “preliminary and very uncertain” due to the small number of omicron patients in hospitals and the fact that most belonged to younger age groups. As of December 20, 132 people had been admitted to UK hospitals with a confirmed omicron, of which 14 – aged 52 to 96 – have died.

SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgarians over the age of 65 are offered a one-time payment of 75 levs ($ 43) on top of their monthly pensions if they get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Thursday that retirees who have not received a vaccine will receive payment after the first dose. Those who received a dose will receive the money after receiving a second dose and those who will receive a booster dose at the start of the program.

The program, which is due to start in January and last until the end of June, is part of the new government’s campaign to encourage the vaccination process.

The Balkan country of 7 million people remains the least vaccinated in the European Union at 27 countries, with less than a third of its adults fully vaccinated.

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Live Covid Updates: Omicron, Vaccine and Booster News Wed, 22 Dec 2021 15:02:10 +0000



England lowers Covid isolation requirement

Health officials have reduced the number of days people must self-isolate after showing symptoms of Covid-19 to seven from 10, if they are negative on days six and seven. The move comes as an increase in the Omicron variant increases cases.

Today we will be reducing the self-isolation period from 10 days to seven days for people who take a lateral flow test on days 6 and 7 and both test results are negative. This decision was informed by the advice of our clinicians at the UK Health Security Agency who have considered this very carefully, and they are very comfortable with the protection provided by this change so that people can leave isolation after the day 7, as long as they have passed these two lateral flow tests and the results are negative, the protection it offers is very similar to 10 days of isolation without testing.

Health officials have reduced the number of days people must self-isolate after showing symptoms of Covid-19 to seven from 10, if they are negative on days six and seven. The move comes as an increase in the Omicron variant increases cases.CreditCredit…Tolga Akmen / Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

England said on Wednesday it was reducing the number of days people are required to isolate after showing symptoms of Covid-19 to seven days from 10 days – a change which officials said was based on updated advice from health experts, and that could help alleviate staffing shortages in several critical areas as more people test positive.

Health secretary Sajid Javid said the move was based on guidelines from government health security agencies that a one-week isolation period as well as two negative test results had “almost the same effect. protector than a period of isolation of 10 days “.

An increase in coronavirus cases has winnowed staff at hospitals, clinics, rail services, fire departments and ambulance services across England, where most pandemic restrictions have been lifted since the summer. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resisted adding new restrictions before Christmas, although he has said he will “not hesitate to act” after the holidays if necessary.

People in England will be allowed to end their quarantine if they can produce negative tests on days six and seven. This creates a more lenient policy than in the United States, where people can end their periods of quarantine. isolation 10 days after showing symptoms if they have not had a fever for 24 hours and their other symptoms of Covid-19 improve.

“These new guidelines will help break chains of transmission and minimize the impact on lives and livelihoods,” Dr. Jenny Harries, executive director of the Government’s Health Security Agency, said in a statement. She stressed that people should continue to follow public health advice.

People who are not fully vaccinated should still self-isolate for 10 days if they come in contact with an infected person.

Elsewhere in Europe, governments have been divided in their responses to the growing epidemics of the Omicron variant.

The Netherlands has closed non-essential shops, bars, restaurants, gymnasiums, outdoor sports, cultural venues and schools. Sweden said this week it was adding new restrictions on gatherings, and Finland is asking restaurants to close early from Friday.

Other countries have suspended the introduction of new restrictions before Christmas. New rules in Germany will come into effect on Tuesday and in Portugal nightclubs and bars will close from midnight on Saturday for at least two weeks.

In France, proof of vaccination is required to enter bars and restaurants. The government has said it has no plans to add any new restrictions. Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Wednesday the focus was on the rapid rollout of booster injections.

In Britain, Scotland and Wales are adding restrictions from Sunday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not rule out further restrictions in England, where a wave of infections is putting severe pressure on the National Health Service, which was already strained by labor shortages caused by funding cuts, Brexit and the almost two-year exhaustion of the pandemic.

Britain is not experiencing the kind of severe bed shortage hospitals have faced during earlier peaks of the pandemic, but the strain on the system from staff illnesses is evident across the country.

Data projections from Health Service Journal, a trade publication, has indicated that one in three National Health Service workers could be absent from work by New Year’s Eve if the current case rate persists.

While some evidence suggests that the Omicron variant may produce less severe symptoms than Delta, it also appears to be up to twice as transmissible.