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Spotify is the most popular streaming service out there, with over 350 million users. The platform is known for streaming music and podcasts, but did you know that it has a music and podcast creation platform?

Spotify’s Soundtrap is a free online digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows creators to produce music and podcast content. Spotify acquired Soundtrap in 2017 and launched its sound recording app, Soundtrap Capture, in 2020.

Now, Spotify enhances its Soundtrap platform with three useful features that will make music creation easier. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Live Collaborate

Music producers know how to bring different elements of songs together to create magic. And when artists work together, the opportunities are endless. That’s why some of the best chart-topping songs are collaborations.

Soundtrap’s live collaboration feature allows music producers and artists to collaborate in real time from any device. This helps them track changes and updates more easily. The feature is still in beta, and producers must enable it before creating a new project if they want to use it.

These days, collaborations don’t have to happen in person. Here are some helpful tips for collaborating remotely on a music project.

Another useful feature is the ability to add comments to your project. It helps you leave notes for yourself instead of jotting them down somewhere where they might get lost or forgotten. It also helps producers collaborating on a track communicate more easily on one platform.

When a creator adds comments to a project and tags a collaborator, the recipient receives an email letting them know they’ve been added to the project, including a button to join. From there, they can contribute to the project, reply to all comments, and leave their own comments.

The feedback feature was made available to all users at launch.

3. Changes Saved Automatically

If you’ve ever worked on a project online, you know how frustrating it is to find out later that your changes weren’t saved. It happens to the best of us.

Nobody wants to waste their hard work, especially with all the complexities involved in creating a song. With all the changes and updates that are often made to a project, it is essential that each one is registered correctly and on time.

Soundtrap’s new auto-save feature ensures this is the case so nothing gets lost. It also makes it easier for creators to track changes and updates. Like the comment feature, this feature is still in beta, so creators need to enable it before they can use it.

Why use Soundtrap?

Spotify’s Sountrap is ideal for experienced producers and those just starting out. The platform has a free version, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to produce music or podcasts. If you’re just starting out, you might want to check out the glossary of music production definitions.

For a free platform, you can do a lot on Soundtrap, including collaborating with other artists. You can also use beta features, such as the live collaboration and auto-save features mentioned above.

However, there are several paid Soundtrap plans available, starting at $10/month for music producers and $15/month for podcast creators.

Each plan has a one-month free trial in case you want to try it out before committing. Plans offer similar functionality. However, the more expensive ones have additional features, like more loops and higher quality downloads.

You can create as many projects as you want regardless of what plan you’re on, which is a bonus. There are also plenty of free online DAWs for music production and podcasting, if you want to use them.

Soundtrap improves the music production process

Creating music is fun, but it should also be effective. Now that Soundtrap has added features like commenting, live collaboration, and auto-recording, you can create amazing tracks more easily and seamlessly.

Plus, you can stay productive with the Soundtrap Capture app by creating music on the go, wherever you are. Try Soundtrap’s new features to create a new masterpiece today.

]]> Mile of Music 2022 in Appleton attracts around 90,000 people despite the rain Thu, 11 Aug 2022 11:01:33 +0000

APPLETON — Despite some weather-related impacts on its final day, Appleton’s ninth Mile of Music was a success, co-founder and executive producer Dave Willems said Wednesday.

High winds and rain fell overnight Saturday through Sunday, prompting the cancellation of some outdoor shows, including at Jones Park, Houdini Plaza, Fox River House and the Jim’s Place/Wooden Nickel stage.

“Sunday this year was kind of like Saturday last year, where it was just unpredictable,” Willems said. “And that’s the worst kind of thing you want to see when you’re doing live music because you don’t know if you can start and then you have to stop and then start and then stop. So the time to Sunday definitely impacted what we could deliver.”

Still, Willems said, the indoor venues were successful on the festival’s only rainy day. One musician, Celisse, who only had two performances during the festival, both scheduled for Sunday on outdoor stages, ended up playing a set inside the main stage at the Hilton Paper Valley Ballroom.

About 30 musicians had to cancel Sunday performances, Willems said. Most of these artists, however, were able to play a few sets during the remaining three days of Mile.

The festival, while free to the public, makes money from concessions and merchandising booths. Overall, Willems said Mile of Music’s revenue was a little lower than organizers would have expected if the weather had fully cooperated.