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Tesla’s stock price, which rose more than 500% from last year, could rise further if included in the S&P 500, just as Yahoo stock rose 64% in 5 trading sessions in 1999 following the announcement of its inclusion in the index.

Tesla’s share has been on fire since October 2019. It rose 29% in July and is now up 233% for the year. Other EV stocks have rallied as well, and NIO hailed as Tesla in China is up 287% so far in 2020.

After the recent surge, Tesla’s market capitalization overtook Toyota Motors, which is the world’s largest automaker. While Tesla’s valuation makes some analysts worried and Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock last month, the stock continued to rise.

Tesla would be eligible to be included in the S&P 500 if it posts a profit in the second quarter. It has posted net profit for three consecutive quarters and a second quarter profit would make it eligible for inclusion in the prestigious index.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk dropped hints about the company’s second quarter performance in a leaked internal email in which he said “the breakeven point looks very tight.” That said, Musk didn’t say whether he was looking to break even on net profit or some other metric.

If Tesla is included in the S&P 500, ETFs and funds that track the index would necessarily buy the stock. Assets under management of funds that track the S&P 500 are over $ 4.4 billion according to S&P Dow Jones.

“Even if you don’t like Tesla and think he is overvalued, the fact that he gets into the index would mean billions of dollars would have some sort of position,” said Jim Bianco, head of Bianco. Research in Chicago. He added: “As part of their benchmark, the portfolio managers couldn’t ignore it. “

In 1999, Yahoo, which has a market capitalization of $ 56 billion, rose 64% in the five days between announcing its inclusion in the index and its effective inclusion on December 7.

“The lesson learned from Yahoo is that when you have an upcoming issue that can potentially get into the index, you should already own a little bit of it,” said Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at S&P Dow Jones. He added, “If you were to get into this stock, you were paying a hell of a premium over owning it a week earlier.

Meanwhile, Tesla is the shortest stock on the NYSE, and short sellers have bet $ 19 billion the stock will drop.

By investing in an ETF, you can get returns linked to the underlying index after factoring in fees and other transaction costs. There is also a guide on how to trading ETFs. You can also refer to our selection of some of the best online brokers.

Reality is finally sinking • The Seattle bubble Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

Oh man. They let Elizabeth Rhodes just take a day off, and watch what happens:

Ahhh! It’s right there in a giant black print, above the crease on the cover page! I can’t imagine the Seattle Times real estate advertisers feeling too good about this…

Eric Pryne, Seattle Times: Home prices in King County in August decline to April 2006

The median selling price of homes in King County fell last month to its lowest level since April 2006, according to figures released Tuesday by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

The broker-owned service said the median price of single-family homes sold in the county in August fell to less than $ 424,000, down more than $ 53,000 from August 2007. The 11% drop was the first double-digit drop year-over-year. for King County since the subprime mortgage crisis hit the market.

“Right priced homes always sell in 15 or 20 days,” said Jerry Howard, management broker in John L. Scott’s office in West Seattle.

Matt Deasy, managing director of Eastside operations at real estate giant Windermere, said the sharp year-over-year decline in median home prices should come as no surprise.

Unless, you know, they listened to the realtors who brag each month as a “good time to buy”.

I also liked this piece of Presentation of Yesterday’s Times by Cindy Zetts:

The most accurate comparison of home sales numbers is done by looking at sales for the same month each year. Indeed, seasonal variations in the real estate market can distort the picture when comparing one month to the previous one.

Some players in the real estate industry said they expected the local situation to improve in August, as the market downturn began in August 2007. Until last month, they said, the numbers compared a bad year to a good one. But August’s numbers don’t show improvement – in some cases the declines are more dramatic than in previous months.

Looks like it’s finally becoming undeniably obvious that the REALTOR © ® ™ has no clothes on. It’s nice to see the Times finally stop firing its shots.

[Update:] The two-digit title was above the fold on the PI homepage, also.
Aubrey Cohen, Seattle PI: Home values ​​drop by double digits

The potential home buyers are out there in Seattle, watching and waiting.

“Different people tell me this is a great time to buy,” Hurricane White of Seattle said at an open house in Greenwood on Sunday. “I heard this in April, and as I expected, I got to look at more properties.”

And the prices continued to fall.

“You now have properties that have been on the market for a while and are starting to have panicked sellers,” said Glenn Crellin, director of the Washington Center for Real Estate Research at Washington State University. “The bottom line here is that for potential sellers, these are bad numbers, and what they’re going to have to assess is whether it’s the right time for them to put their house on the market.”

Crellin noted that prices tend to drop towards the end of the year and that Washington still has plenty of adjustable rate loans due to the reset to higher and potentially unaffordable payments in late 2008 or early 2008. 2009.

“This suggests to me that we are going to continue to see problems and instability in the market really over the next 15 months,” he said.

But Crellin also called the timing of the market “nearly impossible.” Buyers should check whether the price of a single-family home is right and, if they can afford it, plan to own it for at least three years, he said.

Note that Crellin is the guy who last november said this:

“Landlords need to focus on why we are dealing with housing in the first place. It’s a shelter. They need to focus on housing and potential tax breaks… and not overly worry about whether a house is worth $ 5,000 more or $ 50,000 more in a year.

I don’t think there’s any reason to think we’re going to see a big drop [in home values]. Median prices have stabilized in recent months. I think we’ll see limited price increases until the middle of next year.

How he managed not to completely destroy his credibility with the media now is a mystery to me.

Mike Benbow, Everett Herald: The housing market favors buyers

There are good deals on homes in Snohomish County, but the credit crunch and the upcoming elimination of a program that allows builders to help homebuyers with their down payments is making things more difficult, said the agents.

“I cannot stress enough the incredible opportunity that currently exists for upward-moving buyers,” said J. Lennox Scott, CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate. “The price gap between the affordable price brackets and the higher price brackets has narrowed, which means these buyers can afford to ‘jump the price’ in a new home.”

Dick Beeson, a broker at Tacoma who is director of listing services, said low interest rates and good selection should make this a good time to buy, but getting a loan is difficult.

“Buyers are stymied by the inability of the credit world to collectively get on top of making loans instead of being afraid of the nearest letter of disapproval,” he said.

I’m a little disappointed with Mike Benbow, who has done little more this month than reprint the NWMLS press release.

Brian Everstine, Tacoma News Tribune: Home prices drop dramatically, again in Pierce County

Median home prices in Pierce County fell in August even as the number of homes on the market fell. Figures released Tuesday by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service showed an 11.9% drop from the same period a year ago. This is the 11th decline in the past year and the largest.

Pat Maddock, a Coldwell Banker Bain agent and former president of the Pierce County Association of Realtors, has checked out the West Coast areas and is convinced that West Washington is in great shape. Even though the statistics seem rough for Pierce County, it’s nothing compared to areas like Phoenix and Las Vegas, he said.

Low prices, many homes on the market, and low interest rates continue to show that this is a great time to be a buyer. But buyers are “resting on their hands,” thinking things could get even better and waiting to buy. Another factor could be the tightening of the credit markets which made mortgages more difficult to obtain.

“If you wait for the market to bottom out, you’re going to miss it,” Maddock said. “You don’t know it’s at its lowest until it goes up to the top.”

Do not forget, “when the market collapses it enters One day!

Rolf Boone, the Olympian: Housing market collapse continues

South Sound home sales remained calm in August, but prices were largely flat, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service reported on Tuesday.

On an annual basis in August, sales of single-family homes and condominiums stumbled, falling nearly 31% to 303 units from 439, the data showed.

Home prices since the start of the year, however, tell a different story.

Since January, median home prices have fallen about 5% from a year-over-year decline of almost 8% in August.

I guess until the price drops hit double digits you can call them ‘stable’. Looks like it’s a good time to buy … Right?

Here are a pair of bonus TV and radio stories:

Don Porter, KING 5 News: A mixed bag domestic market in western Washington State
Tim Haeck, Radio KIRO: King County home prices drop dramatically

I think the double-digit year-over-year decline may have broken some sort of psychological barrier and finally made Seattle-area homebuyers realize that yes, prices are really going down, even here. , in the land of pink ponies.

(Cindy Zetts, Seattle weather, 09.09.2008)
(Eric Pryne, Seattle weather, 09.10.2008)
(Aubrey Cohen, Seattle PI, 09.09.2008)
(Mike Benbow, Everett Herald, 09.10.2008)
(Brian Everstine, Tacoma News Tribune, 09.10.2008)
(Rolf Boone, Olympian, 09.09.2008)

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Adventure your way through Maui’s food and farming community Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

reHeading up the mountain from town early on Saturday the air cleared and cooled as we went up the freeway. Above Pukalani, behind Kulamalu town center near Longs, the stage was already quite crowded by 8am on a Saturday morning. We braved the early morning alarm and crowds of motivated customers after hearing wonderful stories about the abundance of diverse vendors hawking the freshest vegetables, delicious prepared meals, and interesting ranges of baked goods, plants. and cut flowers at the Upcountry Farmer’s Market.

Farmers’ markets, far from being a trendy novelty, are actually a throwback to tradition, before shipping companies and industrial farming practices created supermarkets and took us away from the beekeepers who harvested our honey, from the farmer. who grew our daily food and from the butcher who slaughtered our animals. Our state and nation’s farmer’s markets have sprung up to directly connect farmers with their customers, creating a shared space for the exchange of healthy and fresh and community food, and filling one of the gaps created. by modern practices.

The Upcountry Farmer’s Market contains an eclectic variety to meet the needs of the diverse community it serves. From produce to baked goods, from raw foods to vegans to gluten-free foods, ready meals ranging from Korea, Thailand, India and beyond, and fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world. tropical colors, sizes and varieties – this market will put you in touch.

Besides the goods, the best part of the market is the healthy and happy vibe. This is especially felt between sellers, who favor the community over the competition. During our walk through the market, the vendors encouraged us to see their friends at the bottom of the row, talk and call each other, joke around and share news, products and customers.

In terms of practicality, some good practices for a farmer’s market visit are to BYOB (bring your own bags) and be aware that part of the process is talking about the story with your local vendors. Earlier is usually better in any market, especially because many sellers sell out quickly. You might also want to save cash for sellers who don’t accept credit cards.

Armed with our canvas bags and dollar bills, we started out needing initial fuel for our trip. So we followed our noses to Uma Dugied’s space for Indian food. Without any discernible sign or price, this one-woman show had a line snaking around her tent, which is usually a good sign. “What would you like, my love? she asked, turning her bright smile on us when it was our turn. Hidden in her large metal pots, she had curries, dal, and other perfectly spiced savory treats, with plenty of vegetarian options. We ordered some samosas and moved on, looking for something to drink.

We ended up at the booth of Maui Jun, a kombucha made from green tea and raw Hawaiian honey, according to enthusiastic and welcoming owner Taryn Leigh, who encouraged us to taste everything. His rainbow of drinks included Kula Strawberry Jam, Lilikoi Tumeric Ginger, and Root Beer. “It’s like champagne with honey,” said Leigh enthusiastically. It was delicious and sparkling with fresh flavors.

Next door, Justin Orr from HI Spice let us pour samples of his hot sauce over our Uma samosas. Its flavors ranged from mango-banana to turmeric, ginger and smoked scorpion. Using a variety of local ingredients, like Kula raspberries, pineapple, and dragon fruit, Orr makes “flavors you don’t see elsewhere,” he said, telling us how he puts it together. emphasis on flavor rather than extreme spiciness: “I’m not trying to face you,” he joked, showing us the heat scale on the back to determine the hot sauce tolerance quotas.

From there we met our friends Emma and Trip, who were also walking around for treats. “We come here every week,” Emma told us, showing us her basket full of fresh broccoli and heading to some of her favorite stalls.

Aunt Pi’ilani then attracted us. “I have to bring the food the Hawaiians eat,” she told us, showing her products of poi, kalo, haupia, handmade kulolo and mamaki tea. In addition to traditional foods, Aunt Pi’ilani also offers ho’oponopono card readings to help people better understand their current situation. The old practice is for reconciliation, often led by traditional healers. “It’s like opening the phone line to the operator,” she said, describing her intuitive reading process.

Next stop through the crowded market was Coconut Willy, one of the iconic market vendors, and my sister’s classmate, who has been selling at the market for 11 years, “back when it was Eddie Tam “, he told us. He describes the amoeba he picked up while surfing in Indonesia and which led him down the coconut-lined path. Nothing helped to cure it except for the fresh raw coconut water: “I have been blessed by the power of the fruit,” he said, and was called to share it with. his community. He opened a young coconut for us with his machete.

Right next door were the Byrd sisters of Waiakoa Wildflowers, who grow flowers on their family land in Kula. Zena and Tessa also play music and sew leather bags by hand. Another group of sisters, Ashley and Lisa of Petaloom Flower Co., also sell handmade flower bouquets that they grow themselves.

Our adventure of choice ended at the Pono Grown farm table, where there was a nice range of fruits and vegetables grown a few miles away in Olinda. Using organic methods, their team of farmers produce a seasonal range of fresh and colorful dishes. On this day, leeks, carrots, beets, cabbage, taro and bananas, among others, were on offer.

With the sun rising behind us and the growing crowd of families and couples crowding around us, we returned to our car with a bag full of vegetables, stomachs full of snacks and samples, and a sense of community deeply. anchored in our hearts.

Upcountry Farmer’s Market is located in downtown Kulamalu, near Longs Drugs, just above Pukalani, next to the soccer field. To discover on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

For more gourmet stories, visit:

Photos courtesy of Lantana Hoke



]]> Kim McDonald and Kai Lenny collaborate for PYCC Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

The Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center is auctioning off an original work of surfboard art that is a collaboration between world champion waterman Kai Lenny, Maui artist Kim McDonald and the PYCC.

The custom surfboard – North Shore: “Heart & Soul” – features artwork from McDonald’s, autographs and Kai’s footprints, and was designed to showcase any interior. The live online auction began on December 7 and ends December 18 at 12 p.m. HST. Offers can be made at and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the Pa’ia Youth & Cultural Center.

“What an incredible experience it has been to collaborate on artwork with one of my all-time favorite superstar athletes, Kai Lenny,” said McDonald. “I’ve known Kai since he was little and watched him grow up to be a world champion. He’s really an inspiration.

McDonald said she was inspired to develop a unique concept with her surfboard art, bringing elements of her footprints and autograph, as well as her design aesthetic, to life on a beautiful board. Surfboard Gun aqua blue. “The color blue represents the ocean, green and white represent the movement of sea waves,” she said. “The Malolo or ‘Flying Fish’ is something that connects Kai to the Hawaiian waters of Maui. He often sees them “flying” out of the water during his oceanic adventures. “

McDonald’s has always dreamed of giving back, getting involved and making an impact with its art. “It’s my something,” she said. “It was also a wonderful and enriching experience to share with the PYCC facilitators. What a sincere and meaningful organization. So far it has been a transcendent experience. The ingredients of Kai Lenny, PYCC and my art combine to create something magical; much greater than the sum of the parts. Please enjoy and participate in this adventure. Buy great art and fundraise for PYCC’s mission to build community through our youth.

Photo courtesy of PYCC



]]> What is reef safe sunscreen and how to find it Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

Sunscreen has become a product of daily use in Hawaiian homes. With growing concerns about skin cancer, it has become a product that you apply before going outside, not just to the beach. The problem is, the substance in sunscreen that blocks UV rays on humans is not so good for the coral reefs in our oceans. In fact, the problem is so pronounced that Hawaii’s Bill SB 1150 seeks to ban oxybenzone from sunscreen used on our beaches to protect the ocean and reefs. Caroline Duell, CEO and Founder of All Good Organic Skin Care, says this bill is great but it’s just the beginning of the awareness we need to protect our ocean. His current visit to Maui is to launch a campaign on reef safe sunscreens and their importance to our ecosystem.

“This trip is really about bringing the community together to understand sunscreen and the detrimental effects on the reef and help educate them,” says Duell. “It’s really about getting a movement for people to commit to stopping the use of chemical sunscreens so that we can have an impact and also to educate people about the legislation. Basically to launch our campaign to educate people about the importance of using and creating reef friendly sunscreen. I think it is really important that this bill be passed. In addition, we need to educate the public more on any additional issues beyond oxybenzone. “

None of those sunscreens at Target were even close to reef safety
Oxybenzone was found to be harmful to reefs in a study published in 2015, but it is still widely used in sunscreens. According to the association Environmental working group (EWG), “Oxybenzone is a common UV filter in sunscreens. It is a hormonal disruptor and an allergen. Sampling done by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection detected it in the urine of 97 percent of Americans. Despite emerging concerns, the sunscreen industry continues to rely heavily on oxybenzone as an active ingredient: it was in 70% of non-mineral sunscreens that we evaluated for this year’s guide. “

Duell says that while Bill focuses on oxybenzone, there are other harmful ingredients as well.

“They want to come out with something that can potentially pass,” says Duell. “Oxybenzone is by far the worst and most insidious offender. I think they wanted to start with just one because it is very well known. It’s about tackling the problem one piece at a time. It is a double-edged sword because we cannot let people think that we have passed this bill and that everything is fine now. There are many other ingredients that are just as damaging. Once we pass this bill, I think awareness will grow on the rest of the ingredients. It will start a very good movement. But this is the beginning, not the end. “

In fact, All Good identifies eight criteria for the recognition of the safety of the reefs in their campaign.

“One of the steps we took was to set a whole series of criteria on what is safe and what is not,” says Duell. “There are basically eight chemicals that have been determined to cause damage to reefs. It is these harmful active ingredients and toxic additives that make it harmful. What is favorable to reefs are essentially non-nanoscale zinc oxides. Nanoparticles are right when you take the mineral which is powdered zinc and literally crush it into microscopic pieces, basically so small that it’s measured in nanometers. The problem for the reef is that the nanoparticles are so small that they can be digested by the reef. The other problem is that they can eventually pass through the skin. These are the reasons to avoid them.

Other sunscreen ingredients like avobenzone, homosalate, octinoxate, octisalate, and octocrylene are of concern. The vitamin A additive, retinyl palmitate, has been shown to be carcinogenic and EWG reports that it is still used in 16% of products surveyed in 2016. All Good also says that additives like paragons, phthalate, triclosan and microbeads are harmful.

So how do you navigate the trade-off between skin protection and reef awareness? The EWG website publishes an annual sun protection report that summarizes the latest research and concerns. You can find their list of concerns about sunscreens, top rated sunscreens, and sunscreen moisturizers at They also have a utility free app called “Healthy Living” and a research base that can give you ratings and concerns about sunscreen you already have or are considering purchasing. It easily scans barcodes and gives you a breakdown of ingredients and their safety ratings.

In big letters on the EWG sunscreen site it says “sunscreen should be your last resort.” He also recommends bringing your own source of shade for the weather outside. A recent National Parks Service brochure on sunscreen also says to cover yourself with clothes, hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from sunburn. The bottom line for sunscreen is that mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium oxide are recommended because they have not been shown to harm reefs and ocean life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe. The EWG says more research is needed on zinc and titanium dioxides.

This packaging says ecological, but when you read the ingredients, they are always offenders

Spray sunscreens are another concern. As they gain popularity, they pose a risk for the user to inhale harmful chemicals, including reef-safe ingredients like zinc oxide. Scientists just don’t know what’s going on inside the lung tissue when they breathe in these sunscreen mists.

these are not environmentally friendly ingredients like the Alba Botanica packaging claims

After making numerous visits to many different stores to find reef safe sunscreen, I was disappointed to learn that there are some confusing marketing messages out there about what exactly is safe. At Costco, the packaging for Alba Botanica-branded Hawaiian sunscreen says it is “environmentally friendly, biodegradable broad-spectrum protection” and also states that it does not contain oxybenzone or octinoxate and is he has not undergone any animal testing. But reading the ingredient list reveals that it contains avobenzone, homosalate, octocrylene, and octyl salicylate, all of which are not environmentally friendly ingredients. When choosing sunscreen, read the fine print and make sure the ingredient list contains only safe products. At Target, I found only one brand that offered zinc oxide sunscreen after combing two tips of various sunscreens.

In fact, your best bet for finding zinc oxide sunscreens are local surf stores and health food stores. At Hawaiian Moons, I found a great selection of zinc-based sunscreens, and even locally made sunscreen by Maui Natural Organics. Down to Earth is also a great place to check out (they also have sunscreen talks with Caroline Duell). I have also found zinc oxide sunscreens that have been rated highly by EWG at Second Wind, High Tech, and Adventure Sports Maui.

All Good will be associated with the Hawaii Green Party on a Sunscreen Swap booth at the Haiku Flower Festival this Saturday, April 22 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There, you can swap your bad sunscreen for an All Good mineral-based sunscreen at no cost.

For more information and research on sunscreens safe for reefs:

National Park Service Sun Protection Guidelines.




]]> What is a loan in default in a 401 (k)? | Finance Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000 By: Herb Kirchhoff | Reviewed by: Alicia Bodine, Ramsey Solutions Certified Financial Coach | Updated May 29, 2019

It is common to borrow from 401 (k) pension plans. This loan is a powerful tool in meeting critical short-term financial needs. Although the vast majority of 401 (k) borrowers repay their loans, some of these 401 (k) loans end in default. This type of default can lead to various unfavorable tax consequences for the borrower.


When a person borrows money on their 401 (k), they are required to repay that money according to the repayment terms provided. Failure to do so could result in default of payment and various penalties.

Set a default value

A 401 (k) loan, like any other type of loan, is in default when you fail to make scheduled payments. Typically, 401 (k) plans require borrowers to repay their loans by deducting each paycheck. In the event of termination of employment, 401 (k) plans require that any outstanding loan balances be repaid promptly, typically within 60 days of the date of termination. If the borrower does not pay the balance on time, the loan is in default. The main cause of 401 (k) default is loss of a job. A majority of 401 (k) borrowers who have lost their jobs with an unpaid loan balance will eventually default on their loan.

Explore the tax consequences

Normally, money withdrawn from a 401 (k) plan is subject to income tax. That being said, a 401 (k) loan is tax exempt as long as the borrower meets a regular payment schedule. But the balance owed on a past due 401 (k) loan is treated as a distribution from the account and becomes taxable. The borrower will receive a Form 1099 showing the overdue loan balance and will be required to report this amount as income on their tax return.

Understanding the tax penalty

If the borrower is less than 59 1/2, the overdue loan balance is also subject to the 10% federal penalty tax on first 401 (k) distributions. If he is 59 1/2 years or older and defaults due to job loss, he will not owe federal penalty tax in addition to income tax. In states that tax retirement plan distributions, the borrower will also owe state income tax on the overdue loan balance.

Credit effects assessment

A 401 (k) default will normally have no effect on your credit score. Because you borrowed the money from yourself, not your employer or a third party, employers do not report 401 (k) defaults to the credit bureaus. That being said, you will likely incur various tax penalties as a result of the default.

Do you believe in fake news about retirement? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

There is a lot of talk of “fake news” these days and the same could apply to retirement planning. I often hear several recurring myths that could affect people’s ability to properly plan for their retirement. Here are ten of the most common that I come across:

1. It is too early to start saving for retirement. This is particularly regrettable for several reasons. First, with the demise of traditional pension plans and the looming insolvency of government programs like Social Security and Medicare, young people will likely have to save even more than previous generations. Second, they have the most to gain from being able to invest more aggressively and enjoy the magic of compounding for longer. Finally, the financial habits that people develop early in their careers can follow them throughout their lives.

If you are just starting your career, try to contribute at least enough to get your employer’s 401 (k) match so you don’t leave that free money on the table (even if that means having to share living expenses with a roommate). for a little longer). You can then start slowly increasing your contributions over time as your income increases. Your pension plan may even have a contribution rate escalator that will do this automatically for you.

2. You will need about 80% of your current income in retirement. This may be true for many people, but retirement needs can vary widely depending on your particular situation. You may need less than this if you are saving a lot for retirement, have your mortgage paid off, or are planning to downsize or move to a lower cost area. On the other hand, you might need more than 80% if you want to spend more time traveling or engaging in other expensive activities.

One expense that people often underestimate or neglect to consider is the cost of health care. This is especially true if you plan to retire before you qualify for Medicare at age 65 and will not be covered by your spouse’s plan. You will most likely then have to purchase insurance on your own, which can be very expensive. Even once you reach the age of 65, a recent study estimated that a typical 65-year-old couple without other health insurance would need around $ 295,000 to cover medical costs over their lifetime, regardless of long-term care or Medicare cuts the government might do to stay solvent.

3. You won’t see a Social Security dime. This myth stems from the fact that the social security trust fund was projected run out in 2037. The good news is that doesn’t mean there won’t be any money in the program at all. After all, millions of people will continue to pay taxes into the system.

However, it is expected that there will only be enough money to pay about 76% of the promised benefits. This means that you might want to take your estimated profit and reduce it by about 25%. While it seems safer to assume that you won’t get anything at all, the amount you would have to save in this unlikely scenario can be overwhelming.

4. Your tax rate will be the same in retirement, so you will not benefit from the tax deferral. While it’s true that many people will be in the same tax bracket in retirement, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from the tax deferral. First, you will still benefit from any additional income on the money that would have been paid in taxes each year.

Second, you can be in the same bracket but pay a lower effective rate upon retirement. For example, let’s say you’re in the 28% bracket now and after you retire. When you contribute to a pre-tax 401 (k), you are contributing money that would otherwise be taxed at 28%. But when you take that money out in retirement, some of that money is likely to be taxed in the lower brackets, allowing for a lower average rate.

5. If you contribute to a pension plan, your money will be fully locked in. This myth is often linked to the former, as young people usually also save for emergencies, buying a house and possibly going back to school. One of the best solutions for someone in this situation is a Roth IRA since the sum of the contributions can be withdrawn at any time and for any reason without taxes or penalties. Anything you don’t need to withdraw will increase and become tax-free after age 59 1/2 (as long as the account has been open for at least 5 years).

You can also access some of the money in your retirement account without taxes or penalties by taking out a loan. Unlike credit cards and home equity loans, there is no credit check and the interest is accrued to your own account. As a last resort, you can also request a withdrawal of subjection. Just be aware that these are limited to certain circumstances, are subject to taxes and early withdrawal penalties, and cannot be refunded. While it’s best not to touch your retirement money at all, knowing that these options are available can help you feel more comfortable contributing to these accounts.

6. You can be well diversified by simply distributing money among all of the investment options in your retirement plan. Depending on how that money is allocated, you may not be as diverse as you think. For example, let’s say your plan has 5 options: a corporate equity fund, 3 other equity funds, and a bond fund. If you spread your money evenly, you would have 20% in bonds and 80% in stocks, with 20% in company stocks. It’s a pretty aggressive mix and it’s generally a good idea not to have more than 10-15% in a stock, especially if it’s your employer’s stock since your work is already tied to your company’s fortunes. .

You can actually be well diversified with just one fund by choosing a one-stop-shop asset allocation fund like a target date retirement fund. These funds divide your money into many different investments depending on how long you have left until retirement. You can also create a custom portfolio based on your risk tolerance and time frame using a spreadsheet like this.

7. You should invest your retirement account in the best performing funds. Choosing the best performing funds may seem intuitive, but it turns out that not only past performance is a poor indicator of future performance, it can in fact be an indicator of poor performance in the future. Standard and Poor’s is conducting an ongoing study in which they take a look at the top 25% of mutual funds in various categories and see how they performed 5 years later. Their last report shows that these top performers are in fact less likely than average to continue to be top performers and that the most common outcome for them was actually sell-off or style change.

Instead of looking at past performance, look at the costs when comparing funds of a similar type. Many studies have shown a fairly good correlation between low costs and superior investment results. Morningstar Mutual Fund Rating Service

called low expense ratios are the “strongest predictor of future fund returns.”

8. You cannot contribute to an IRA because you have a working retirement plan. This myth stems from the fact that if you are covered by a workplace pension plan, there is income limits to be able to deduct traditional IRA contributions. However, even if you don’t qualify for the deduction, you can still make non-deductible (but still tax-deferred) contributions and possibly Roth IRAs.

9. Your income is too high to invest in a Roth IRA. You can earn too much contribute to a Roth IRA, but there is a way to get money into a Roth IRA through the backdoor. Since there is no income limit on Roth IRA conversions, you can contribute to a non-deductible IRA and then convert it to a Roth. The only catch is that if you have other pre-tax IRAs, you will have to pay tax on the converted amount of the pro-rated IRA. However, you can avoid this by transferring the pre-tax IRAs to your employer’s retirement account.

10. You should automatically transfer your employer retirement plans to an IRA when you leave. Many financial advisors like to give this impression because most of them make money by managing IRAs or selling the investments they contain, but there are several reasons why this is not always a good idea. idea. First, if you have a 457 plan or if you retire during or after the year you turn 55, you could make penalty-free withdrawals from that employer’s pension plan immediately, when you had to wait until 59 1/2 years old with an IRA. Second, if you have company shares in your pension plan, you can benefit from advantageous tax treatment by transferring the stock to a brokerage account rather than transferring it to an IRA. Finally, you can have access to investments and advisory services at a lower cost than with an IRA.

Don’t believe everything you hear, especially about something as important as your retirement. If you are unsure of what to do, consult a qualified and impartial financial professional. Your employer may even give you one for free as part of a workplace financial wellness program.

Annabelle 3 is a well-designed and worthy addition to the Conjuring universe Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

Here’s a word rarely used to describe mainstream horror movies: class. This is exactly how I would describe Annabelle comes home and that’s a favorable attribute to that, one of the best in the growing and above all awesome universe of “Conjuring Universe”.

Judy (played by Mckenna Grace) is the sweet but lonely daughter of paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren (played by franchise MVPs Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson). Mary Ellen (played by Madison Iseman), who is aware of Judy’s reputation as a “scary” girl in school, doesn’t care. An uninvited guest shows up, snoops around in the forbidden Warrens’ basement, and releases the clearly dangerous Annabelle doll from the display case with the sign clearly marked “Warning – Do not open”.

What follows looks like a smaller scale and more contained variation on the third act of ghost hunters, when the storage facility opens and lets out all the bad ghosts. Annabelle comes home is some kind of demonic Alone at home and manages to let his young actors follow the story.

That’s the working definition of a slumber party movie, the kind of horror flick that’s brave enough to watch that horror flick that will resonate with teenage babysitters. Helping Things Dramatically is an effective and hugely fun subplot, in which Mary Ellen’s crush (played by Michael Cimino, another find) stops and awkwardly expresses her affection.

Despite a flashy opening scene and their significance to the franchise, Farmiga and Wilson only give extended cameos that end the movie. The protagonists are three young women and they are wonderful. Grace, in particular, is excellent, evoking an inner strength but a weariness experienced by the profession of her parents and a vulnerability that arises from a paralyzing loneliness. She goes well with Iseman (much stronger here than Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, where she just made silly blonde jokes) and a spot on Katie Sarife; these three carry the film and make their protagonists likable and relatable, even as they slowly walk down underlit hallways that lead to a certain destiny.

Despite an R rating, it lacks real violence and only shows a quick glimpse of all things gory from a distance. The rating relates to the level of intensity, which is considerable. Like the best of these works produced and / or written by James Wan, it’s all about atmosphere and suspense for a solid hour, then unleashing aggressive scares and big payouts. Particularly daunting is a moment when the doll is seen through different color filters, each revealing a changing figure.

Plans to expand this franchise seemed uncertain, following the terrible The nun and this year The curse of La Llorona (the latter has a strong opener but quickly disintegrates). Still, both were massive box office hits. Annabelle comes home is a return to form: a sleek, extremely well-crafted throwback to ’70s supernatural horror films that emphasized psychological fear rather than gore and guts.

Some of the fears of jumping are shameless even for this genre, and it’s an eyesore to try everything out, as a possessed samurai costume, haunted TV, and a monster dog absurdly show up at one point. Still, devilish imagination isn’t lacking here: a new character, called “The Ferryman,” with a tendency to drop coins as a calling card, is as thrill-worthy as The Nun (who still needs a appropriate cinema vehicle).

As a (for now) killer doll movie trilogy, there’s a lot to admire here. While the middle chapter, Annabelle: Creation, is the scariest and most well-produced, the underrated debut entry has (pun intended) one of the most gruesome opening scenes in any 21st century horror movie. The filmmakers are inexperienced but talented (Gary Dauberman makes an impressive directorial debut with Annabelle comes home), getting a lot of extended mileage from a villain who never moves and has the same evil look on his face. There will be deeper and deeper horror movies this year, but few will be as effective and efficient as this one.

Three stars

Rated R / 106 min.



]]> Drag show in the alley: Dally in the Alley will host his first drag show | Culture & Leisure Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

To add to the long list of events taking place in the first month of the semester, another downtown staple is set to kick off in early September.

Dally in the Alley will take place on September 8 between Forest Avenue and Hancock Street, and 2nd Avenue and Anthony Wayne Drive.

Dally in the alleyways map.

Dally, which officially debuted in 1977, will immerse visitors in an abundance of music, an immense amount of art and a drag show, the first in Dally’s history.

The full-day family event is free and close to the Wayne State campus, making it very accessible to students.

Ten restaurants are ready to prepare meals at the event, including Union Street, Majestic Cafe, and Detroit Shrimp and Fish; food will be available for purchase. Additionally, a plethora of vendors will be selling various art forms.

Each year, Dally welcomes a wide variety of musicians and performers from across the state. This year, Dally is adding an extra touch by hosting a drag show hosted by local group WIG – an organization that provides a platform for performative queer people who haven’t had a chance to perform, according to its founder Thomas McCarter. .

“This is a big step for the drag community as Dally has never put on a drag show before,” said McCarter, who is also a WSU dance student. “I think this is going to be the biggest draw for many, and I’m seriously nervous but excited.”


Members of WIG, an organization founded by a WSU student.

Many local bands are scheduled to serenade Dally’s stages, including Kimball from Royal Oak.

“This will be our first performance at Dally,” said Austin McCauley, the band’s bassist. “We hadn’t even heard of it until this year; when I was first told about it, it sounded a lot like Arts Beats and Eats but with more emphasis on music. We are really delighted to be able to participate in this event. “

McCauley said the group viewed their music as an independent alternative, but also used jazz and folk influences.

The bassist added that Kimball has an energetic presence and plans to play more intimate songs in Dally.

“We played a few shows in Detroit, but never Dally,” he said. “It’s really exciting, especially being a part of the Detroit music scene. It’s a good community and Dally really expresses how great the city’s music community is.

Allye Gaietto performs solo at Dally; but has already performed at the event with his band: Junk Food Junkies.

She said Dally attendees can expect smart pop music with jazz and blues influences while she is on stage.

“My songs aren’t your typical love songs – they cover a variety of topics and stories,” Gaietto said.

She said she was really excited to perform at the festival and reveal her solo work.

“I actually lived in one of the alley buildings, so it feels like a looping movement since I came to Detroit,” Gaietto said. “The fact that it is for the community, run by volunteers and without a sponsor is rare and takes a lot of hard work.

WSU music student Mark Whalen and his band, Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys, will also perform at the event.

“We are really excited. This is one of the concerts we are looking forward to the most, ”said Whalen. “We are very honored to have been chosen. We practiced nonstop and that means so much too, especially as a WSU student.


Mark Whalen and the Buttermilk Boys in concert.

Whalen said he would describe the band’s music as “laid back and relaxing”.

Whalen said that “the festival is really cool” and appreciates the fact that it is only a block from the performing arts building and entry is free.

“It’s a mix of everything and it’s such a diverse event,” said Whalen. “It has become part of the Detroit culture and something that WSU students always go to.”

For many, Dally represents something deeper than an annual festival.

“It has become a tradition for me to go there,” said McCarter, founder of WIG. “Dally has always been a day or two before my birthday so it’s like a big birthday party for me which makes him really special.”

Gaietto said new entrants should expect to be in a crowd full of people and dogs, with lots of music, food, beer and Cass Corridor energy.

“You think it’s just a cute little street, but it’s so much more than that,” McCarter said. “There are always some amazing bands you’ve never heard of and you find new bands to love every year.”

Susana Hernandez is a writer for The South End. She can be reached at

SPONSORED: Unbeatable savings on a range of top brands at ElectroCity – Kilkenny Now Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

Leading local retailer ElectroCity has extended its bumper Black Friday sale.

It continues to offer its customers a dazzling array of specials with incredible savings on some of the world’s leading brands of electrical and home appliances.

These include savings of up to:
* € 500 reduction on Samsung and LG televisions;
* € 200 reduction on Belling American stainless steel fridge-freezers;
* 100 € discount on Hoover 9kg washers.

As more and more people continue to work from home, ElectroCity is also offering fantastic discounts for you to create an innovative workspace from the comfort of your own home.

ElectroCity has fantastic deals on HP home office equipment including desktops, laptops and printers. You can upgrade your kid’s laptop to help them with homework or update that old printer or monitor – the choice is yours, with savings that won’t be beaten elsewhere.

Even without these savings, ElectroCity still offers the most competitive prices. And it’s not just the bargains that attract customers to this local family business.

“We are very much in touch with our roots,” says Bill Hackett, owner of ElectroCity.

“Not only do we offer the best prices, our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions and guide you through the buying process. We also provide delivery service and take your old machine for recycling, optional installation, and flexible payment, all to make shopping with us a hassle-free experience.

ElectroCity is one of the largest independent electricity retailers in Ireland and they pride themselves on the quality of the products they sell and the excellent service they provide.

The company was established in 1993 and today employs more than 50 people in the South East.

His consistent focus on customer service has earned him several awards, including the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce Retailer of the Year, Carlow Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Provider of the Year, and the Retail Excellence Award. Ireland for Best Department Store and Retail Excellence.

ElectroCity stocks all brands in demand. Its range covers the market from A (for Apple) to Z (for Zanussi). In between, there is Acer, Apple, Belling, Bosch, Candy, Dyson, Electrolux, Fitbit, Google, Hoover, HP, iDeal, JBL, Kenwood, Lenovo, Miele, Morphy Richards, NEFF, Orbit, Powerpoint, Rangemaster, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, TP-Link, VAX, Waterford Stanley and Xpelair.

With humm by flexifi finance available online in minutes, you can get your new product today and pay it off in installments that suit you.

ElectroCity has ample free parking in all of its stores. You can order online and pick up at one of the three stores or take advantage of the excellent delivery service.

ElectroCity has stores at:

Ormonde Business Park, Dublin Rd, Kilkenny – 056 775 1717

Kelly & Dollard, Kingsmeadow Retail Park, Inner Ring Road, Waterford – 051 870 077

Hanover Retail Park, Hanover Road, Carlow – 059 916 4515

For more information, email or connect to: