Bryce Dallas Howard needs to lose weight for Jurassic World Dominion

Bryce Dallas Howard, known for her recent role in Jurassic World Dominion and many other projects, recently spoke about his treatment on the set of the film. Although she credits director Colin Trevorrow for standing up for her, Howard says an anonymous person or people asked her to lose weight for the role.

Jurassic World Dominion performed well at the box office, but received a lukewarm response from critics. The film, which reunited franchise stars Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill (all reprising their roles from the original trilogy), has been cited as one of the worst jurassic park movies. Most of the complaints were about the plot, which most fans found lackluster alongside the new characters.


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In an interview with Metro, Howard revealed a negative aspect she faced while filming. “What did being in this third film allow, how do I say that, how do I say that, how do I say that…[I’ve] “I was asked not to use my natural body in film,” Howard said. came back, ‘We have to ask Bryce to lose weight.’

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She credits Trevorrow for speaking out about the treatment she received, stating that he responded to the request by stating that there were many types of women in the world, and that he would represent it in the film, which featured several key actresses like DeWanda Wise. Howard says that if she had dieted as instructed, she wouldn’t have been able to do as many stunts as she ended up doing. She further stated, proudly, “I’m so thrilled [at] all the action I had to do, and I have to do it with my body, it was at its peak strength, and I hope that’s just another indication of what’s possible.

Howard’s treatment is part of a larger conversation about the misogynistic treatment that many women face in Hollywood. Even in a movie that was supposed to be light entertainment and received reviews calling Jurassic World Dominion the worst in the franchise, Howard was asked to put her body on the line to meet the standards of what a studio deems appropriate for a woman’s appearance. Howard has been a consummate, in-demand, and mainstream actress for decades now, and even she faces that kind of treatment.

What could that mean for an actress just starting out or who doesn’t have a colleague willing to say “no” to executives? Even in this time — a time that many say is an incredibly progressive time in life — there are many challenges for actresses in Hollywood that need addressing. Howard also opened up about the pay gap between her and Chris Pratt on the jurassic world sequels, and said Pratt had fought for a raise in her salary, which shows the difficulties actresses still face in Hollywood. And while some argue that the rich and famous will be fine despite this treatment, it’s worth remembering that these issues are only a microcosm and reflect much larger systemic failures in society that affect other socioeconomic classes. .

Jurassic World Dominion is available to watch on Peacock.

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