Bride Who Worried “To Look Like Shrek In A Dress” Loses HALF of Her Weight for Wedding


Vicky Chaffer was over the moon when her boyfriend David proposed to New York five years ago, but she didn’t feel comfortable with her body. They finally tied the knot after she lost the 14th 8lb

Vicky Chaffer and her darling David before her weight loss

Despite her joy at getting engaged, 27th Vicky Chaffer was too embarrassed by her size to even think about setting a date.

In the years that followed, she told friends that she didn’t want to get married “looking like Shrek in a dress”.

Vicky, 35, finally tied the knot after losing the 14th 8lb.

She lost over half of her body weight to reach 12th 7 pounds on D-Day.

The pension administrator was ecstatic when his friend David proposed to New York five years ago.

Vicky said: “I would have married him the next day if I had been comfortable and confident, but I didn’t want to get married like that, so I kept pushing my plans…

Vicky was embarrassed by her size 26

“I used to say to my friends, ‘I don’t want to look like Shrek in a dress when I walk down the aisle.’

“I didn’t let David take pictures of me showing off my ring because I didn’t like the way I looked.” Things came to a head because of a few vacation photos three years ago.

Vicky, from Chesterfield, Derbys, said: “When I saw [the] photos, I cried.

Vicky in her gorgeous size 12 wedding dress

“I got on my scale and said ‘mistake’ – didn’t realize the maximum weight was 24th. I burst into tears.

“I was like ‘if I don’t change now, I won’t see the next five years.’

She joined Slimming World – with her supporting mother – ditched take-out for healthy, home-cooked meals and started exercising.

The other half of Vicky, David, 36, IT manager, lost 7th place because of the new meals being prepared.

Vicky and David on their wedding day

Vicky – 27th 1lb and a size 26 before joining Slimming World – said: “My confidence skyrocketed as the weight dropped… and I said ‘let’s go’.”

The wedding date has been set for last year after she lost the 8th, but the pandemic has put things on hold. By the time the new date arrived this year, Vicky had lost another 6th.

She had to have her size 18 dress altered and even her engagement ring had to be resized.

The couple got married after Vicky lost 14 stones and 8 pounds

Diet before

Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwich or take-out from the weekend the night before.

Breakfast: Supermarket meal with sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and a can of cola full of fat.

Having dinner: Take out on weekends or bake fries and chicken nuggets on weekdays.

Snacks all day: Anything and everything candy, chocolate, chips, donuts

Vicky is almost unrecognizable since losing weight

Diet now

Breakfast: Skimmed milk cereals or wholegrain toast, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and asparagus.

Morning snack: Yoghurt and fruit

Breakfast: Chicken salad or cooked dish like lasagna with vegetables.

Afternoon tea: Vegetable sticks.

Having dinner: Fish and vegetables, or a homemade curry, homemade burger

Evening snacks: Chocolate bar, low in calories

chips, fruit.

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