Bedford woman who ate TWO pizzas a night loses more than NINE stone during lockdown

When most users piled on the pounds during endless shutdowns – eating junk food and take out – a woman from Great Denham had other ideas.

Surviving on an unhealthy diet, Monique Munro’s life was spiraling out of control and her health suffered.

She said, “My previous diet consisted mostly of binge eating – take out and processed foods. My health was in great pain and my eating habits were bad.

Monique Munro after losing more than 9 stones

“I would never have breakfast. Then I would probably have a lunch meal deal.

“And then two large pizzas to take out for dinner – then later in the evening, share a bag of Doritos.”

That’s when Monique decides to join a Slimming World group nearby.

“It’s easy for someone to say that something has changed their life. By Slimming World has changed mine,” said the 25-year-old.

Monique Munro before losing weight

“The band gives me motivation. It keeps my head in the right place.”

But no sooner had she joined the group when the pandemic struck and Monique was back home.

She said: “Lockdown was difficult. It was a recipe for failure.”

Help was soon at hand, however – as Great Denham’s group held regular zoom meetings.

“The zoom sessions have been a godsend,” said Monique. “I don’t know what would have happened if they hadn’t been a thing during the lockdown.

“My consultant Gail and other members have been very supportive of me.

“I ended up losing a lot of weight during the lockdown.”

And that’s what she did – a whopping 9 stone 2 pounds in just two years.

Her weight may have gone down, but Monique’s confidence certainly increased. So much so that she has the job she always wanted – an immigration officer.

And – she even made the top 10 for Slimming World’s National Woman of the Year Award – beating over half a million other members.

So now that Monique has given up on pizza, what is her new diet?

“Now for breakfast I would have Weetabix with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with natural fat-free yogurt,” she said.

“Lunch would be a jacket potato with tuna and cheese. Salmon dinner with mixed vegetables and egg noodles. And plenty of water throughout the day.”

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