BBC iPlayer has best week ever as New Years approaches

iPlayer received 69.3 million program requests as the New Year approached, more than any week in its history. In addition, December was its best month ever, with 281 million requests.

The biggest draw during the break was EastEnders – the BBC’s weekly depress-athon was half of the top ten. Its New Years episode was the most watched, generating 1.3 million requests.

It looks like the sitcom is alive and well in the UK as well. The second most-watched show during the holiday season was the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special, and the Massive Christmas special was third.

In fourth place, the long awaited return of Sherlock. The episode may have divided fans, with some adoring the shocking developments of its main characters, and others finding it get down in schlock action, but that hasn’t stopped loads of people from going to watch it online.

In addition to revealing what we watched on iPlayer, the BBC also shared data on how we watch it. Smart TVs, which include smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, and game consoles, were the most common way to use iPlayer, with 7.48 million unique users.

Tablets come in second with 4.19 million users, mobiles in third with 3.6 million and finally computers with 3.55 million.

Dan Taylor-Watt, Director of BBC iPlayer, said: “Christmas is always a popular time to watch shows on BBC iPlayer, but it’s fantastic to have had our best week in our best month of the holiday season, with huge numbers coming to iPlayer to see the cliffs of Albert Square, the drama of The Witness for the Prosecution, the comedic antics of Mrs Brown’s Boys and the thrilling return of Sherlock. “

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