2 people killed and 8 children injured after Amish family buggy was run over from behind

The driver of a Toyota Tundra allegedly crashed into the family buggy in Cumberland County and left the scene, but returned shortly thereafter, the statement said.

Barbie Esh, 38, died at the scene. Her husband, John Z. Esh, 39, died Monday at a nearby hospital.

The two were in the buggy with their eight children, aged 9 months to 16, Geller said.

The children were transported to nearby hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to severe. Two of them had been treated and released on Wednesday while the other six remained hospitalized, the statement added.

A verified GoFundMe page has been created to help cover the family’s hospital and funeral expenses.

The horse-drawn buggy was fitted with the required triangular “slow vehicle” plate and working headlights and taillights, the police statement added.

In the aftermath of the crash, a nearby fire station on Thursday issued an alert warning residents of heavy buggy traffic in Cumberland County following the funeral.

“Amish families from as far away as Pennsylvania and New York will attend the funeral and help the family involved,” the Toga Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook. “Cumberland officials expect more than 400 participants.”

The post warned drivers to stay alert for Amish horse strollers, adding: “If you are behind a stroller, DO NOT pass until it is safe to do so with an unobstructed view around them.”

“Preferably an overtaking zone. Don’t monopolize or tailgate, crank your engine or honk when overtaking,” the post said. “Please be careful and attentive when traveling.”

The Toyota driver was not injured in the crash and the charges are still pending, according to Geller’s statement.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, he added.

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