Loan without bank? Learn what they are for and against

You do not need to get money only at the bank, loans are also available in the non-banking space. What about the conditions?

Nowadays you have a lot of options to get a loan. Compared to the time twenty years ago, when it was practically possible only in banking houses, the situation is now quite different. Fortunately, because a wider selection means healthy competition and the market makes it virtually more friendly to anyone interested in a loan. The conditions for arranging such a loan are also simpler, as the claims automatically decrease.


The bank examines the candidate thoroughly, perhaps too much

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In general, you may get an interesting loan at the bank, but only if you apply together with a partner, you have a higher income and also a property that can be guaranteed if necessary. In short, you have great creditworthiness. If you don’t, you may even be rejected, and that is not a pleasant thought. There are many more ways to borrow money. And you do not have to stick to the opening hours of the bank branch where you have a current account. Nowhere is it written that you have to borrow just here. There are other options, much faster and of course more discreet. Of course, the non-banking option has these two major advantages, so why not think about it? And what else are there for such offers?

  • Fees in advance to zero. No one wants money in advance, certainly not a fair provider.
  • Easy administration. You just fill out a short contact form and half the action is already behind you.
  • No personal appointments. The Internet is a powerful medium, so you can completely handle the loan through it.

All of this certainly sounds tempting and no wonder – the Internet loan is very popular with representatives of virtually all generations. The minimum of personal data in the form does not raise security concerns, moreover, the stored data is carefully encrypted, so there is no doubt in this respect. You can borrow any amount between 1 and 15 thousand dollars, up to a period of four weeks (of course, in one breath, with the possibility of renewal for a small fee). You save paper, printer and time, as well as your privacy. Which are quite compelling reasons for a non-bank loan, right?


Disadvantages are of course present as well

loan without bank

Cons of non-bank lending, you ask? Of course, a few would certainly be found, but it’s nothing dramatic. This is a higher interest rate than you generally get at the bank, but you will be dealing with it for a very long time and you may eventually receive a negative response. Another thing that was true until recently was the possibility that you would come across a dishonest provider.